(Deutsch) Plakat Ausstellung. Foto: Sankturbanhof, Sursee

In the exhibition (Odem), Irene Bisang (1981) combines the museum’s collection, historical objects and her ideas as an artist.

The presentation shows a dense network of associative links, and the artist playfully interweaves works from the collection with her own oeuvre.

Using the historical collection as a basis, she mirrors the past in the present, creating a cosmos of images from yesterday to today.

A collection of figures meets Christian symbols, fantasy creatures populate still lifes, pictorial inventions of being, becoming and perishing meet humorous staging.

Hundred Years Alpine-Club

Poster: www.museum.bl.ch

The exhibition (Bergliebe. 100 Jahre SAC Baselland) takes visitors on tours of the high mountains, lets them listen to hut stories and experience the feelings at the top.

The climbing wall in the exhibition area gives the opportunity to climb the mountain. The most important climbing skills and knot tying are explained, from the figure of eight to the mast throw.

One hundred years of the Schweizerische Alpen-Club (SAC) Baselland is a story full of passion, risk and love for the mountains.

Swiss Expressionism

Hermann Scherer (1893-1927), the Painter, 1925. Private Collection.

Expressionism was more than just an art movement around 1900. it was an attitude to life, a protest against the bourgeoisie of the era.

Expressionist artists significantly changed modernism. In Switzerland, too, a radically new pictorial language developed before the First World War, parallel to trends throughout Europe.

Instead of painting oriented on reality, strongly subjective forms of design now took over. Colors and forms virtually exploded and pulverized all familiar styles and their rules.

These progressive tendencies found different expressions in different places in the country.

They joined together to form short-lived artist collectives such as “Der Moderne Bund” in Lucerne in 1911 and the Basel group “Rot-Blau” in the 1920s. The exhibition presents the various artists and the impetuous impact of their work.