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Canadian Painters and Impressionism

Photo: Fondation de l'Hermitage Lausanne

The exhibition shows how Canadian painters discovered Impressionism in France at the end of the 19th century and how they reacted to this development. On their return to Canada, many of these artists gave an essential impulse to the rise of modern Canadian painting. The exhibition presents 35 Canadian artists, many of whom remained unknown outside the borders of their country. The works in this exhibition are grouped into eight sections that follow the careers of these painters, from their introduction to Impressionism to their interpretation and presentation of Canadian aspects.

Night Insects

Photo: Centre Pro Natura de Champ-Pittet

The exhibition shows the fascinating and mysterious world of night insects. The big firefly, the animal of the year 2019, but also beautiful moths, mosquitoes, grasshoppers and crickets invite you to discover this little-known universe. The interactive and playful exhibition about insects and their importance for our ecosystem shows night insects in a new light.