Gilbert & George. The Locarno exhibition

Union Dance, 2008, 226 x 190 cm © 2020 Gilbert & George - courtesy Arndt Collection

The exhibition (until 18 October) was created in close collaboration with the English artist couple Gilbert & George. The show focuses on their work from 2008 to 2016. The exhibition of sixty works has been set up specifically for these museum rooms on the basis of themes and stylistic characteristics. The performances with their bright colours and mirrored symmetry transform the museum hall into a large fresco.

Isa Genzken

Catalogue Isa Genzken - Works from 1973-1983. Photo: Kunstmuseum Basel

Isa Genzken (1948) is recognized as one of the most important living artists. Her oeuvre straddles the boundaries of disciplines such as sculpture, installation, architecture, photography, film, and painting. The exhibition (Isa Genzken – Works from 1973-1983) turns the spotlight on the creative practice that she devised in the first decade of her career and her output between 1973 and 1983. It was during this time that she created the “Ellipsoids” and “Hyperbolos”; the largest-ever gathering of works from these sculptural series will be center stage in our exhibition. A second focus will be on her Genzken’s computer printouts on continuous paper, some in very large formats. They will be complemented by several graphic series.

Welcome on Board

Photo: Das Gelbe Haus, Flims

It is about 40 years ago that pioneers in Switzerland imported snowboards from America and tried them out. The former outsiders, who at that time were not allowed on the slopes, are now even taking part in the Olympics or descending the steepest slopes. The exhibition provides an overview of this youth and sports movement from its beginnings to the present day, from its origins in America to today’s snowboard centre in Flims-Laax.