Knowledge by Images

Photo: Museum für Gestaltung Toni-Areal, Zurich

Never has so much information been exchanged as today. Whether for visualizing big data, publishing journalistic findings, spatial orientation, or as material promoting effective learning and teaching—information design explains the most diverse contents within the shortest time through combining much visual material with few words. For images have the power to simplify and illustrate complex facts. The exhibition (Wissen in Bildern) presents this visual culture in printed and moving images and the risks (of manipulation).

The dark Sides of Expressionism

Ludwig Ernst Kirchner (1880-1938), Kämpfe. Qualen der Liebe, 1915. Photo and Collection Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur.

In 2018, the Werner Coninx Foundation presented the Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur with a permanent loan of large parts of his important graphic art collection with almost 1000 works by Cuno Amiet, Giovanni Giacometti, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Max Beckmann, Hermann Scherer, Johann Robert Schürch and others. The exhibition shows 95 of these works. The focus is on the ‘dark sides’ of expressionism, apocalyptic landscapes and a look into the abysses of the human soul. The emphasis is on art by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner with works from his time in Dresden, Berlin and finally Davos.

Backdrop Switzerland

Photo: Musée Alexis Forel, Morges

The exhibition shows iconic photographs, posters, vintage objects and fragments from films that use Swiss landscapes or buildings as a background or subject from 1900 to the present day. The Alexis Forel Museum and the Bolle Foundation Expo continue their cinema cycle with stars such as Laurel and Hardy, Audrey Hepburn (who married in Morges in 1969), Yul Brynner, Peter Ustinov, Sean Connery and Roger Moore (as James Bond), Juliette Binoche and many others. The mountain landscapes, the Grand Hotels of Sils Maria or Flims, the Heidi meadows or the shores of Lake Geneva have inspired many directors.