Swiss Culture in Perspective

Indian Switzerland, African Switzerland, Little Switzerland, Switzerland of Cameroun, Switzerland of the Orient, Subtropical Switzerland, Switzerland Rangers, Danish Switzerland, Berlin Switzerland, Swiss Canyon, Salvadoran Switzerland, Central American Switzerland, la Suiza Argentina, la Suiza Peruana or Austrian Switzerland, Switzerland is well represented all over the world and on the five continents. Switzerland in the World Next … Read more » “Swiss Culture in Perspective”

A farewell to the Julierturm

Swiss and foreign musicians and choirs have performed Mozart, Bach, Rachmaninoff, and many other (contemporary) composers in the Julierturm on the Julier Pass. Many theatre, singing and ballet performances took place at an altitude of  2 284 metres. On the initiative of the Nova Fundaziun Origen, the Julierturm was built for theatre, singing, ballet and … Read more » “A farewell to the Julierturm”

The monumental Tissot clock

The Neuchâtel mountains (the Jura) are considered the historic cradle of Swiss watchmaking. Farmers began in these isolated mountains and valleys as early as the 17th century to make mechanisms to keep them busy during the long and cold winters.  These parts were collected and assembled in workshops, known as comptoirs or ateliers, mainly in … Read more » “The monumental Tissot clock”