The Von Wattenwyl Talks

This year’s first “Von Wattenwyl Talks” between the leaders of the Federal Council parties and the national government will take place on Friday, 3 February 2023, in the Beatrice von Wattenwyl House in Bern. The “Von Wattenwyl Talks” with the heads of the government parties in the run-up to each session of the Federal Assembly … Read more » “The Von Wattenwyl Talks”

The Wakker Price 2023

The Organisation of Swiss Cultural Heritage (der Schweizer Heimatschutz) awards the Wakkerpreis annually. This organisation awards this price to municipalities with remarkable urban and village development achievements. The town of Lichtensteig (canton of St. Gall)  has been awarded the Wakkerpreis 2023. For centuries, the town was the prosperous urban centre in Toggenburg. However, the local … Read more » “The Wakker Price 2023”

The new beautiful Village Hospental

Hospental (canton of Uri) was recognised in January 2023 by the organisation ‘The most beautiful villages of Switzerland’ (Die schönsten Schweizer Dörfer) as one of the most beautiful villages in the country. The name Hospental comes from the Latin word for an inn. The village was located on the Säumerweg (transporting goods on mules and … Read more » “The new beautiful Village Hospental”