Nidwalden in the twentieth Century

The canton of Nidwalden repeatedly chose its own way to remain independent. In 1798, Nidwalden rejected the Helvetic Republic (1798-1803) imposed by the French occupiers. The canton even waged war against Napoleon. The battle of 9 September 1798 claimed more than 400 Nidwalder lives and caused long-term trauma. In 1815, troops of the Swiss Confederation … Read more » “Nidwalden in the twentieth Century”

The Electoral System

Introduction Direct democracy, federalism and a unique political system of directly elected members of the executive (government) in the canton and the municipality are the basis of the country’s political stability.  On all three levels, municipality, canton and federal government (Bund/Fédération), the principle of collegiality applies: the government speaks with one voice. The government can … Read more » “The Electoral System”

The Consitution of the Cantons

The 26 cantons have a powerful constitutional and political position in the Swiss state system. From a European perspective, they are even unique structures dating back centuries. This article discusses the constitution of the cantons. The great politician and entrepreneur Alfred Escher (1819-1882) articulated in 1848 what is still the foundation of the federal and … Read more » “The Consitution of the Cantons”