The Presidency

The main governmental provisions are contained in Articles 174-179 of the Federal Constitution. These describe the appointment and number of members of the government (seven), Their term of office (four years), the principles of collegiality and equality, the tasks and appointment of the Federal Chancellery,  and the tasks and appointment of the Head of State. … Read more » “The Presidency”

The People of the Constitution

The Founders There are two founders of the Swiss Confederation (Confoederatio Helvetica): the people and the cantons, according to the Preamble and Article 1 of the Federal Constitution, FC, (Bundesverfassung, Constituziun federala, Constitution fédérale, Costituzione federale). The Swiss people and the cantons (Das Schweizervolk und die Kantone, Il peuple svizzero et les cantons suisses, Il … Read more » “The People of the Constitution”

The Municipalities

Definition Each canton is subdivided into municipalities. The area of a canton is the sum of these municipalities, just as Switzerland is the sum of the twenty-six cantons. The cantons are also subdivided into districts that cover a number of municipalities. Unlike the municipalities, the districts are not derived from the Federal Constitution but only … Read more » “The Municipalities”