The Referendum

There is another player besides the parliament and government in Switzerland: the citizens. Referendums can always confront the (federal, cantonal and municipal) decision makers with other points of view. The Constitution knows three types of federal referendums (also cantons and municipalities have their referendums which are not being dealt with yet). A compulsory referendum (das … Read more » “The Referendum”

The political system of Switzerland

The political system of Switzerland is considered a particular case among modern democracies. The origin of this lies in a multitude of languages, relatively independent cantons, and historical development. These circumstances have led to the emergence of a political system characterised by far-reaching federalism, a direct democracy, striving for compromise, participating citizens (Miliz system) and … Read more » “The political system of Switzerland”

A short History of Direct Democracy

The Swiss model of direct democracy often functions as an example of involving citizens and organisations in decision-making procedures. However, the historical development and functioning in the specific context of this country are often unknown. Every system has its advantages and disadvantages, although one thing is sure: the democratic system is the least bad, whether … Read more » “A short History of Direct Democracy”