The True and well-functioning Democracy

One of the most striking features of the political system of Switzerland is the absence of dominant politicians. Relatively few people know the name of their head of state or Prime Minister. That is not surprising, as they are only appointed for one year from the government team of seven ministers. The head of state … Read more » “The True and well-functioning Democracy”

The House of the Cantons

The opening of the House of Cantons (Haus der Kantone) in 2008 was a milestone in the cooperation between the 26 cantons. As a joint umbrella organisation of 13 governmental and 16 associated organisations of the cantons, it is a knowledge, discussion and consultation centre. It concentrates knowledge and provides a central meeting and communication … Read more » “The House of the Cantons”

The Referendum

There is another player besides the parliament and government in Switzerland: the citizens. Referendums can always confront the (federal, cantonal and municipal) decision makers with other points of view. The Constitution knows three types of federal referendums (also cantons and municipalities have their referendums which are not being dealt with yet). A compulsory referendum (das … Read more » “The Referendum”