The Swiss Council of States

Switzerland Is a divided country from a linguistic, religious, cultural and economic point of view. Nevertheless, the country functions rather well. Direct democracy, federalism and the electoral system are the pillars of its (economic, social and democratic) success and stability. In 1848, this was not self-evident when the new Constitution of the new Confederation was … Read more » “The Swiss Council of States”

The Swiss Milizsystem

One of the essential foundations of Swiss democracy is the Milizsystem. In a few words, it means that the citizens make, form and supervise the state, the res republica. This system is a centuries-old concept of the so-called Urschweiz, the mountain cantons in central Switzerland. Switzerland (die Schweiz ) even derives its name from the canton of … Read more » “The Swiss Milizsystem”

The True and well-functioning Democracy

One of the most striking features of the political system of Switzerland is the absence of dominant politicians. Relatively few people know the name of their head of state or Prime Minister. That is not surprising, as they are only appointed for one year from the government team of seven ministers. The head of state … Read more » “The True and well-functioning Democracy”