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Republican Switzerland and the Seven United Provinces

Johann Martin Veith (1650-1717), Allegorie des evangelischen Glaubens, 1698. Landesmuseum Zürich. Foto/Photo: TES.

The book ‘ The Republican Alternative. The Netherlands and Switzerland compared’ (A. Holenstein, Th. Maissen, M. Prak (eds), Amsterdam 2008), is the result of the workshop on 7-9 May 2004, organised by the University of Bern. These two confederal republics of early modern Europe (1500-1795) were composed of (thirteen) independent cantons and powerful cities (Switzerland) … Read more » “Republican Switzerland and the Seven United Provinces”

The Ceneri Base Tunnel

NEAT. Bild/Photo: Wikipedia.

On Friday 4 September, the tunnel (Ceneri Basis-Tunnel) was opened at Monte Ceneri in the canton of Tessin. This tunnel completes the NEAT (Die NEue AlpenTransversale) project, the largest and most expensive infrastructure in the country. On 13 December, 06.00 AM, the first train will run from Lugano to the north.  The tunnel is 15.4 … Read more » “The Ceneri Base Tunnel”

Origin’s Cultural Campus

Riom, Winter 2019. Bild/Photo: TES.

One project of the Origen Foundation (Fundaziun Origen) from Riom (canton of Graubünden) has barely begun, or the next is already emerging. The relocation of six metres from the Weisse Villa (white villa) in Mulegns to make way for a widening of the motorway has been successfully completed. The Foundation has also built a theatre … Read more » “Origin’s Cultural Campus”