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The corridor Rotterdam-Basel-Genua and the Swiss Rhine Ports

Der Rhein bei Basel. Foto/Photo: TES

The first large Rhine ship arrived in Basel in 1904. The Rhine port of St. Johann was expanded in 1906. A second Basel Rhine port was built in Kleinhüningen between 1919 and 1942. The ports of Au and Birsfelden (Canton Basel-Landschaft) were built between 1937 and 1940. In 2008, the ports of both cantons merged … Read more » “The corridor Rotterdam-Basel-Genua and the Swiss Rhine Ports”

Romansh or German-speaking Communes?

Riom. Foto/Photo: TES

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Forum of Bilingualism

At a time when (young) Swiss citizens from German-speaking cantons sometimes have to communicate with their fellow citizens in French-speaking cantons in English, the Forum of Bilingualism (Forum du bilingualism/ Forum für Zweisprachigkeit) in Biel/Bienne is not a luxury Citizens of the canton Grisons (the only trilingual canton: German, Italian and Romansh) and the Italian-speaking … Read more » “Forum of Bilingualism”