The bishop’s court in Chur

The bishop’s court in Chur (canton Graubünden) consists of the Palace, the cathedral of St. Mary’s Assumption (St. Mariae Himmelfahrt) and the residences for the chapter. A Part of the bishop’s Palace is used by the Domschatz Museum today. The other part is being renovated and will be opened to the public. 1,600 years of … Read more » “The bishop’s court in Chur”

The Wall of Reformers

The Wall (Le Mur des Réformateurs, Monument international de la Réformation) of hundred metes was built in 1909 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jean Cauvin (1509-1564), better known as Jean Calvin. Calvin fled from France in 1535 to relatively tolerant Basel, the hometown of Desiderius Erasmus (1467-1536). Basel converted to the … Read more » “The Wall of Reformers”

The Rhine Source Lighthouse

No mountain is too high for Swiss people, but what about the lighthouse on the Oberalp Pass at an altitude of 2 046 meters? The Rhine Lighthouse is an hour’s walk from the source of the Rhine. The Gotthard massif is the source of four rivers: the Rhine, Reuss, Rhone and Ticino, flowing to all … Read more » “The Rhine Source Lighthouse”