The well-kept Christian Heritage of Switzerland

Even Switzerland, with its many (dissolved or still-functioning) monasteries and monumental (Reformed and Catholic) churches, will not formally be a Christian country in the foreseeable future. In the foreseeable future, most of its citizens will be ‘without religion’. However, in terms of symbolism, a country cannot be more Christian than Switzerland. The Swiss cross in … Read more » “The well-kept Christian Heritage of Switzerland”

Lenzburg Castle, its history and famous Residents

In Lenzburg (Canton Aargau), an impressive medieval castle towers high above the town. It is one of the best-preserved Höhenburgen in Switzerland. The town of Lenzburg has an even older history. The remains of the Roman Amphitheatre, which held 4,000 spectators, point to an important settlement in Roman times. However, the Roman name has yet … Read more » “Lenzburg Castle, its history and famous Residents”

The English Church in Zermatt

Nothing in the world could induce the inhabitants of the Alps to go up a mountain as a leisure activity, let alone climb peaks. For the peasantry, mountains meant mostly danger from nature, demons and fantasy creatures until the 18th century. However, writers, scientists and what we today call alpinists began to take an interest … Read more » “The English Church in Zermatt”