Gothic church Saint-Théodule

Near the village of Cudrefin (canton of Vaud), not far from the Grande Cariçaie national park, stands the small Gothic church of Saint Théodule from the year 1342 at the time of Count Humbert of Savoie, ruler of the land of Vaud. During the Reformation, Cudrefin and the church adopted the Protestant faith, which did … Read more » “Gothic church Saint-Théodule”

The Castle of Cressier

Jacob Vallier (1555-1623) was born in Cressier in the county of Neuchatel. The French (royal) D’Orléans-Longueville dynasty ruled the county at this time. From 1585 to 1613 he took part as captain in the campaigns of the French King, like so many young men from this region and Switzerland.  He also worked at the French … Read more » “The Castle of Cressier”

The Temple of St. Blaise

The church (le Temple) in St. Blaise (canton Neuchâtel) was built on the site of a church from Carolingian times. In the fifteenth century, it was adapted in the Gothic style. Some striking features are the (Romanesque) tower and windows in the church tower, the stained glass windows of Edmond Bille (1878-1959) and the decoration … Read more » “The Temple of St. Blaise”