Chapels in Switzerland

From the arrival of the first bishop in present-day Switzerland, in 381 in Martigny, followed by Geneva around 400, Chur around 450 and in Avenches/Lausanne in the sixth century, the first churches appeared. These were simple wooden buildings. In the following centuries, the number increases rapidly. The first abbey in 516 in Martigny, the Carolingian … Read more » “Chapels in Switzerland”

The Priory of Corcelles

The Priory of Corcelles was founded in 1092 in an existing church donated to Cluny Abbey. The church, which became a temple during the Reformation, is today considered a national monument. In 2007, Corcelles joined the network of Clunisian sites ( The history of Corcelles (canton of Neuchâtel) begins with the words in a charter: … Read more » “The Priory of Corcelles”

Grandeur of a Small Village

This urban villa in Auvernier (canton of Neuchâtel) dates from the first half of the seventeenth century. The French family D’Orléans-Longueville (1504-1706) managed the county of Neuchâtel in these days. In 1630, the building became the property of Karl von Bonstetten from Bern. After that, the Châtenay family became and still is the owner. The … Read more » “Grandeur of a Small Village”