A Forgotten Revolutionary

Switzerland has been a refuge for political refugees for centuries. Even today, this small country welcomes many refugees. After the Napoleonic Wars, it was no different. The Ancien Régime, also in Switzerland, wanted to restore the situation from before the French Revolution (1789). However, it was no longer possible to turn back to the old … Read more » “A Forgotten Revolutionary”

The St. Chrischona church

The St. Chrischona church on the Dinkelsberg near the municipality of Bettingen (Canton of Basel-City) is dedicated to St. Chrischona. According to legend (Legenda Aurea), Chrischona and her two sisters survived the (infamous) journey of Ursula and 11 000 virgins to Cologne. Chrischona is said to have died on the spot of the church. Her … Read more » “The St. Chrischona church”

The Romanesque Church of Riehen

The Romanesque village church of St. Martin in Riehen was built in the 11th century. In the late Middle Ages, it belonged to the monastery of Wettingen (present-day canton Aargau). The church was extended in the 14th century, and the tower was raised. In 1528 Riehen adopted the Evangelical faith and followed the city of … Read more » “The Romanesque Church of Riehen”