Aarburg Castle

Aare and Burg (castle) make Aarburg (canton of Aargau). The river Aare has been a defensive barrier since the Roman Era. Aarburg was not founded by the Romans but one thousand years later by the Counts of Froburg, a local dynasty. The Habsburgers took control of the town in the thirteenth century. Bern occupied the … Read more » “Aarburg Castle”

The Federal Square of Bern

The part of the city centre, the Federal Square (Bundesplatz), of Bern was once a part of the medieval fortifications, and a moat called the ‘Oberer Graben’. They were built before 1256. This area developed further between the years 1570 and 1630. The Square reached its present form in the 19th and 20th centuries. In … Read more » “The Federal Square of Bern”

The Clock Tower of Bern

Switzerland is a country of wristwatches, meteorological clocks, and astronomical clocks. The Zeitglockenturm (Zytglogge) is the first western gate of the city of Bern and was built around 1200-1256. The tower was integrated into the city wall on both sides. Today, it is part of the rows of houses. The tower is in the centre … Read more » “The Clock Tower of Bern”