The Monasteries of Basel

Almost 500 years ago, in 1525-1529, the ten monasteries in Basel ceased to exist. The city became the new owner. The bishop, too, left the town and went to Porrentruy. The Reformation reached Basel, and 450 years of history ended. The first monastery St. Alban was founded in 1083. The second monastery was St. Leonhard, … Read more » “The Monasteries of Basel”

San Gian (St. John) in Celerina

The first mention of the church of San Gian (St. John) in Celerina (Schlarigna in Romansh, Canton Graubünden) dates back to 1320. In 1478, the extension of the nave to the west and the vaulting of the choir took place. Although these churches are small, their location on a hill gives them a monumental appearance. … Read more » “San Gian (St. John) in Celerina”

The City of Neuchâtel

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