The Gallizian Mill

Mills were the first technologically advanced large-scale works in the Middle Ages. Basel had two large mill districts, one in Kleinbasel and one in the St. Alban Valley (St. Albantal). After the foundation of the monastery St. Alban in 1083, the monks built mills and mill wheels for grain, wood saws, forges and other use. … Read more » “The Gallizian Mill”

De obelisk van Morat

(Lord Byron 1788-1824) schreef in 1816: „While Waterloo with Cannae’s carnage vies, Morat and Marathon twin names shall stand; They were true Glory’s stainless victories, Won by the unambitious heart and hand Of a proud, brotherly, and civic band, … . ” De slag bij Murten (Morat in het Frans, kanton Feriburg/Fribourg) was een van … Read more » “De obelisk van Morat”

Monuments in Lavaux

Lavaux is a region in canton Vaud and since 2007 registered as World Heritage by the UNESCO. The region encompasses villages and towns and their medieval (Romanesque and Gothic) churches, squares, houses, castles, manoirs, towers, (open air) museums, vineyards and panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, amongst others Pully, Lutry, Villette, Grandvaux, Cully,the … Read more » “Monuments in Lavaux”