Contemporary architecture in Basel

Besides renowned architects from Basel, numerous other Swiss and international architects, such as Mario Botta, Renzo Piano, and Frank O. Gehry, have left their mark on the cityscape and surroundings. This worldwide respected diversity of remarkable buildings has been made possible by the appreciation of the public and a quality policy that focuses on competitive … Read more » “Contemporary architecture in Basel”

Grand-Hotel Giessbach

The Grand-Hotel Giessbach is located near the famous Giessbach-waterfalls between the mountains and the Lake of Brienz. Many visitors were rowed across the lake to the waterfalls around 1800 by the famous Brienz women rowers. The Giessbach-waterfalls were lit in the evening from 1840. The Grand-Hotel Giessbach was renovated by the architect Horace Edouard Davinet’s … Read more » “Grand-Hotel Giessbach”

The City Hall of Fribourg

The Eidgenossen of Swiss Confederates were defeated in Italy by France in 1515  (Marignano, near Milan). The peace-treaty was signed in the Hotel de Ville/Rathaus in bilingual Fribourg/Freiburg on 29 November 1516. The eternal Peace (la Paix éternelle, der ewige Friede), lasted until the French invasion in 1798. The Great storm came a few years … Read more » “The City Hall of Fribourg”