St. Johann and Johanneum

The first document mentioning the monastery of St. Johann (canton of St. Gallen) dates back to 1152 when Pope Eugene III (pope from 1145 to 1153) took the monastery under his protection. One of the reasons for the foundation was the geographically favourable location between the monasteries of Pfäfers, Einsiedeln and St. Gallen. It was … Read more » “St. Johann and Johanneum”

Monastery and Library St. Gall

The monastery of St. Gall was founded in 719. Its history began with the legend of the Irish monk St. Gallus (c. 550-645), who died at this site. Traders, farmers and craftsmen settled in the neighbourhood after 720, the beginning of the town of St. Gall. The monastery, the library and the archives were added … Read more » “Monastery and Library St. Gall”

Monument for Poland

“Polens unsterblicher Genius nach hundertjährigem Kampf mit der Gewalt noch unbesiegt ruft auf Helvetiens freiem Boden zur Göttlichen und meschlichen Gerechtigkeit”. The Polish Museum in Rapperswil (Canton St. Gallen) documents Polish-Swiss relations that have existed for several centuries. It presents Polish culture and history and traces the Poles’ struggle for freedom, anchored in tradition. The … Read more » “Monument for Poland”