The Heritage of Cluny

In the year 1000, the abbey of Cluny managed hundreds of monasteries in Europe, some of them in Switzerland. Founded in 910 and destroyed during the French Revolution, the abbey was an important religious, artistic, economic and political power until the 13th century. The European network transcended political and linguistic boundaries and became a model … Read more » “The Heritage of Cluny”

Payerne Abbey

An eminent Roman citizen of Aventicum (today’s Avenches), Publius Graccius Paternus, built a villa on his estate, located on the future site of Payerne. The villa was known as Villa Paternica, and a Latin inscription mentions Paternus, probably the origin of the name of the city. Bishop Marius of Avenches owned the villa, and he … Read more » “Payerne Abbey”

Coppet Castle

The building of the castle goes back to the period of the Savoy Dynasty in the thirteenth century and was completed in the following centuries. During the conflict between Savoy and Bern in 1536, the latter seized the castle and burned it down. The present castle was rebuilt in 1657 and during the first period … Read more » “Coppet Castle”