Klingental 11 in Kleinbasel

The Rappaz Museum is housed in one of Kleinbasel’s oldest buildings, on the right bank of the Rhine. Grossbasel lies on the other side of the Rhine. The museum houses the studio of Rolf Rappaz (1914-1996) and the exhibition dedicated to him. The origins of the house go back to the 11th century. At that … Read more » “Klingental 11 in Kleinbasel”

The Basilisk of Basel

Basel is not only a city with hundreds of water wells and fountains, it is also a city of the Basilisk. The Basilisk is a mythological creature from ancient Greece, half cock, half snake. This creature could kill with its gaze and whoever followed in its footsteps scorched. The only protection was to hold up … Read more » “The Basilisk of Basel”

The historic centre of Bern

The historic centre of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983. The centre has retained its (medieval) character throughout the centuries, although it has undergone centuries of development and has adapted to the changing needs of citizens and entrepreneurs. Founded in 1191 by the Duke of Zähringen, … Read more » “The historic centre of Bern”