Rhaetian Museum Birgitz

The collection shows the numerous finds on the “Hohe Birga” from the 3-1 centuries B.C. and gives a picture of daily life from the later Iron Age in Tyrol, including a reconstruction of a so-called Casa Raetica.  

Vorarlberg museum

The Museum focuses on the history of Bregenz and surroundings. The Roman city Brigantium revealed many of its Roman past by archaeological finds. The museum also shows prehistory, medieval and modern art. The Angelika Kaufmann and Gothic collection are exceptional, besides the rich baroque and nineteenth century paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture and abstract art of … Read more » “Vorarlberg museum”

Museum Fiss

The museum S’Paules & S’Seppls Haus shows the building history of the house and the life of its inhabitants.