The long nineteenth century 1815-1918 News

The founder of direct democracy

One hundred years ago, on 6 March 1866, Ignaz Paul Vital Troxler, one of the founders of modern Switzerland, died. He was born in Beromünster in 1780. He left his post in the Napoleonic administration of the Helvetic Republic at the age of nineteen to study in Jena. He was successful in ophthalmology in Göttingen. … Read more » “The founder of direct democracy”

The Queen in Switzerland

The year 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the visit of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) to Switzerland. The Queen spent five weeks in the country from 7 August to 9 September 1868. The queen withdrew from public life fter the death of her husband Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1819-1861). She embarked on this journey in … Read more » “The Queen in Switzerland”

The end of French rule

The French rule over Geneva (and other parts of  Switzerland) came to an end on 30 december 1813. Geneva was liberated by the Austrian Count Ferdinand Bubna von Littiz (1768-1825). Although Catholic Swiss cantons resisted the accession of Geneva to the Swiss Confederation, Geneva joined the ‘Eidgenossenschaft’ on Mai 19th, 1815 ( Neuchâtel and Valais … Read more » “The end of French rule”