The long nineteenth century 1815-1918 News

The Helvetic Republic and Nidwalden

In January 1798, French troops invaded the Swiss Confederation (Eidgenossenschaft). The territory of the Prince-Bishopic Basel had already been confiscated in 1792 and 1797. The Swiss cantons and cities capitulated. On 6 April 1798, the (French) Directorium proclaimed the Helvetic Constitution of the new unitary republic: Art. 1: The Helvetic Republic is an indivisible state. … Read more » “The Helvetic Republic and Nidwalden”

Geneva’s Choice in 1815

On December 30, 1813, the entry of the Austrian general Count Ferdinand Bubna von Littiz (1768-1825) ended fifteen years of French domination of Geneva. The city welcomed the French revolutionary troops enthusiastically in 1798. After the fifteen years of French annexation, French-speaking Geneva stood at an important crossroads in its two thousand years of existence. … Read more » “Geneva’s Choice in 1815”

1500 Swiss on a Timber Raft or Höllander Flöße

A Dutch chronicle from the nineteenth century (Jan Willem van Druijnen, Leven aan de Waal of Vervolg der Kronijk van Nijmegen 1819-1859) reports that more than 1500 Swiss arrived in Nimwegen (Nijmegen) on timber rafts in July and August 1819, on their way to Dordrecht. They emigrated by ship to South Brazil. It is an … Read more » “1500 Swiss on a Timber Raft or Höllander Flöße”