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Dance of Death in Chur

After years of renovation, the Cathedral Treasury Museum in Chur (Domschatzmuseum Chur) is scheduled to open in August 2020. The works of art come from the St. Luzi cathedral and monastery church.  They illustrate 1600 years of the cultural history of the diocese of Chur,  from its foundation in the 4th century. The presentation of … Read more » “Dance of Death in Chur”

The Waltensburg Church

The church in Waltensburg, or Vuorz in Romansh, was built in the 12th century. The frescoes on the interior walls and on the exterior wall date from four periods. The oldest paintings (ca. 1330) were made by an artist known as the Waltensburger Master. He decorated churches and at least one secular building (Brandis castle … Read more » “The Waltensburg Church”

Romainmôtier revisited

The documentary “Romainmôtier Revisité” is a journey back in time, to the foundation of one of the oldest monasteries and churches on Swiss soil. Romainmôtier was a small Gallo-Roman village. The monastery was founded in the fifth or sixth century. The monastery belonged to the Abbey of Cluny in the tenth century. The Romanesque church … Read more » “Romainmôtier revisited”