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Waltensburg Church

The church in Waltensburg or Vuorz in Romansch was built in the 12th century, renovated and extended, including the extension of the choir arch and vaults, late-Gothic alterations and a new nave vault and gallery in 1711. The frescoes on the interior walls and on the exterior construction are from four periods. The oldest paintings … Read more » “Waltensburg Church”

Rottweil and the Swiss Confederation

The German city of Rottweil in Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany) became a close ally of the Swiss Eidgenossenschaft or Confederation in 1463. The Confederation consisted of nine cantons at this time and Rottweil (Ariae Flaviae in Roman times, Rottuvilla or red villa in the early medieval period) got the status of close ally and city or ‘Zugewandter … Read more » “Rottweil and the Swiss Confederation”

Alpine route of Romanesque culture

The Alpine route of Romanesque culture is a route along buildings and paintings from the Romanesque period. The route stretches between the Swiss Engadine and Italian South Tyrol and Trentino. It shows dozens of Romanesque cultural sights. The Vinschgau with the Val Müstair is home to some of the oldest Carolingian/Romanesque churches and frescoes in … Read more » “Alpine route of Romanesque culture”