A Short History of Solothurn

Solothurn (Soleure) has a long history dating back to the Celts and Roman times. The Celtic name of the settlement was Salodurum (watergate), a name adopted by the Romans. After obtaining the status of free imperial city (freie Reichsstadt) of the Holy Roman Empire in 1281 (after the last Duke of Zähringen) the city acquired … Read more » “A Short History of Solothurn”

Praz, a village in the Romandie

Close to the Celtic settlement (oppidum) on Mont-Vully (canton of Freiburg) at Lake Morat (Murtensee or lac de Morat) lies the small village Praz. This small village shares in the eventful history of the Romandie or French-speaking Switzerland. Also in this region stilt houses from the Neolithic period (5 000 – 1 800 BC) have … Read more » “Praz, a village in the Romandie”


Corcelles-Cormondrèche (canton of Neuchâtel) was one of the first municipal mergers in Switzerland in 1889. The two villages had 560 inhabitants in 1750 and more than 4700 today. Even the plague in 1629 (160 deaths out of 500 inhabitants) did not slow down the growth of the population in the long term. Before the industrialization … Read more » “Corcelles-Cormondrèche”