The Romans, Alemanni and Swiss-Italians in Oensingen

The castle of Neu-Bechburg (see under Monuments) from the 11th and 12th centuries still defines the skyline of Oensingen and testifies to the importance of the ancient trade route.  More than a thousand years earlier, this place was an important traffic junction in Roman times.  The pass over the Great St. Bernhard was of great … Read more » “The Romans, Alemanni and Swiss-Italians in Oensingen”

Berner Seeland

Celts and their predecessors and successors (Romans, Burgunder and Alemanni) inhabited the Berner Seeland in the Three Lakes Region (Drei-Seenland/Pays des Trois Lacs). The area has experienced the two Burgundian kingdoms (443-534 and 888-1032), in between the Frankish and Carolingian domination and then the rule of local rulers within the Holy Roman Empire. After the … Read more » “Berner Seeland”

Siberia of Switzerland

The inhabitants of La Chaux-des-Tallières did not suspect in 1604 that their village would be called La Brévine three centuries later. In 1604 the (Protestant) inhabitants still had to go to Môtiers, Le Locle, or Travers for their church services. Catherine de Gonzague de Nevers (1568-1629), wife of Henri I d’Orléans-Longueville (1568-1591), and the Council … Read more » “Siberia of Switzerland”