Oberhalbstein or Surses

This region in the canton of Grisons (Graubünden) not only houses numerous art treasures of national importance (the Carolingian church of St. Peter in St. Mistail, for example) but is also an old transit route from North to South and vice versa. The Julier Pass was already in use in Roman times and on the … Read more » “Oberhalbstein or Surses”

Gersau, the smallest Republic of Europe

In its centuries-long development into a nation-state, Switzerland has 26 cantons nowadays. Each canton has its history. The canton of Grisons, for example, originated from a centuries-old alliance of three regions: the Gotteshausbund (League of God’s Hause), the Grauer or Oberer Bund (The Grey or Upper League) and the Zehngerichtebund (League of Ten Jurisdictions, actually … Read more » “Gersau, the smallest Republic of Europe”

Extension of Fondation Beyeler

The Fondation Beyeler has become one of the most famous art museums in Switzerland. Located in Riehen, it makes a significant contribution to the attractiveness of the Basel region. Many visitors attend exhibitions or events and enjoy the beautiful park and museum building (Renzo Piano). The Fondation recently acquired the neighbouring Islein-Weber Park. This extension … Read more » “Extension of Fondation Beyeler”