The First Chocolate Multinational

Philippe Suchard (1797-1884) was one of the pioneers of the chocolate industry in Switzerland. He initially worked in his brother’s coffee shop but left for America in 1824. There, he found inspiration for his career in the chocolate industry. Philippe Suchard in Serrières. In 1824, he opened his first chocolate shop, “Chocolat Suchard” in Neuchâtel. … Read more » “The First Chocolate Multinational”

The Last Habsburger in Basel

Eugen Ferdinand Pius Bernhard Felix Maria, the Erzherzog Von Habsburg (1863-1954), lived in a suite at Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel from 1919 to 23 May 1934. He was a nephew of Karl von Habsburg (1887-1922), the last emperor of the Habsburg Empire. Both left the new Austrian Republic in 1919 after World War … Read more » “The Last Habsburger in Basel”

Celerina, Rhätische Bahn and Cresta Palace Hotel

The village Celerina or Schlarina (Canton Grau in Romansh appears as “Ad Slatannum” in a document from 1139. The name refers to its location: “near the Schlattain stream”, Schlattain. In 1139, Konrad I of Bibberig, Bishop of Chur from 1123 to 1144, acquired the area from Zuoz to Silvaplana. The bishop built a cellar (cellarium … Read more » “Celerina, Rhätische Bahn and Cresta Palace Hotel”