The Swiss Spectator focuses on the history and culture of Switzerland, a remarkable country with a robust business environment, a relatively well-functioning (direct) democracy and respect for the rule of law. There is an overview of museums and exhibitions, cultural events, monuments, the rich cultural heritage, commemorations and the beautiful nature. The relationship between Switzerland and the European Union is also covered. The surrounding regions have always played a crucial role in Swiss history and culture: Northern Italy (Valley of Aoste, Lombardy and Vinschgau (Venosta), Eastern France (Franche-Comté, Alsace, Haute-Savoie and Savoie), Southern Germany (Lake Constance region) and Austria (Vorarlberg). Four periods and subjects are being covered: the Roman Empire and the process of romanisation, the Middle Ages (from the Kingdoms of Burgundy to the sixteenth century), the long nineteenth century (1815-1918) and multicultural, multilinguistic and cosmopolitan Switzerland.


The Eiger Express

From 5 December, visitors will be able to reach the winter sports and hiking area around the Eiger Glacier (2 320 metres), the Kleine Scheidegg and the Jungfraujoch quicker and comfortably. The cable cars (“Eiger Express” and Männlichenbahn) can transport 4000 guests per hour. The new Eiger Express cable car has a capacity of 2200 … Read more » “The Eiger Express”


Fifty years women’s suffrage

The Swiss Confederation introduced universal suffrage for men in 1848 as the first democracy in Europe and one of the world’s first nations. History However, women’s right to vote at the national level would only become a reality on 26 March 1971 following the referendum of 7 February of that year. Switzerland was almost the … Read more » “Fifty years women’s suffrage”


La Sagne

La Sagne (canton of Neuchâtel) in the valley of the same is the birthplace of Daniel Jeanrichard (1665-1741) one of the pioneers of the watch-making industry in the Jura. The church was built in 1526. The village introduced the protestant faith in 1536 without changing the interior of the church. The late Gothic church was … Read more » “La Sagne”

Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Switzerland

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The development of German-, Italian-, French- and Romansh-speaking cantons will be discussed. The Roman Empire and the Middle Ages are the crucial periods. The present-day multicultural, democratic and cosmopolitan society will also be addressed.



The museums are closed until further notice.

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Constitution and Democracy

The Presidency

The main provisions on the government are contained in Articles 174-179 of the Federal Constitution. They describe the appointment and number of members of the government (seven), the term of office (four years), the principle of collegiality and equality, the tasks and appointment of the Federal Chancellery and the tasks and appointment of the Head … Read more » “The Presidency”

Latest news

Chasa Editura Rumantscha

The foundation Pro Helvetia, the Canton of Graubünden and the Lia Rumantscha founded the Romansh publishing house Chasa Editura Rumantscha in 2010.   The publishing house wants to make the beautiful and interesting Romansh literature visible and accessible.    The publishing programme focuses on fiction and books for children and young people and published more … Read more » “Chasa Editura Rumantscha”


Jambolina in Arosa

Jambolina was kept in the Ukraine as a circus bearbefore she was allowed to make a new beginning in Arosa (canton Graubunden). The bear enjoys the rest of her life in Arosa Bärenland. After Napa († 4.11.2020), Amelia and Meimo she is the fourth resident in this bear paradise. After arriving by plane, Jambolina first … Read more » “Jambolina in Arosa”