The Swiss Spectator focuses on the history and culture of Switzerland, a remarkable country with a robust business environment, a relatively well-functioning (direct) democracy and respect for the rule of law. There is an overview of museums and exhibitions, cultural events, monuments, the rich cultural heritage, commemorations and the beautiful nature. The relationship between Switzerland and the European Union is also covered. The surrounding regions have always played a crucial role in Swiss history and culture: Northern Italy (Valley of Aoste, Lombardy and Vinschgau (Venosta), Eastern France (Franche-Comté, Alsace, Haute-Savoie and Savoie), Southern Germany (Lake Constance region) and Austria (Vorarlberg). Four periods and subjects are being covered: the Roman Empire and the process of romanisation, the Middle Ages (from the Kingdoms of Burgundy to the sixteenth century), the long nineteenth century (1815-1918) and multicultural, multilinguistic and cosmopolitan Switzerland.

Events & Projects

Third Art Safiental

The temporary artworks in situ of the third Art Safiental are distributed throughout the Safien Valley (canton Graubünden) from Valendas and Versam at the entrance of the valley, to Tenna and Safien in the middle of the valley and Thalkirch and Turrahus at the end of the valley. The thematic focus of this edition is Analog-Digital. … Read more » “Third Art Safiental”


The Beginning

25 July 1867 is an important but almost forgotten day in the modern history of Switzerland. It was on this day that the parliament in Bern decided, for the first time, on federal funding for projects in cantons. These federal grants covered the high costs of the cantons of Freiburg, Bern, Neuchâtel, Waadt and Solothurn … Read more » “The Beginning”


Gothic church Saint-Théodule

Near the village of Cudrefin (canton of Vaud), not far from the Grande Cariçaie national park, stands the small Gothic church of Saint Théodule from the year 1342 at the time of Count Humbert of Savoie, ruler of the land of Vaud. During the Reformation, Cudrefin and the church adopted the Protestant faith, which did … Read more » “Gothic church Saint-Théodule”

Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Switzerland

News Newsletters

The development of German-, Italian-, French- and Romansh-speaking cantons will be discussed. The Roman Empire and the Middle Ages are the crucial periods. The present-day multicultural, democratic and cosmopolitan society will also be addressed.


Isa Genzken

Isa Genzken (1948) is recognized as one of the most important living artists. Her oeuvre straddles the boundaries of disciplines such as sculpture, installation, architecture, photography, film, and painting. The exhibition (Isa Genzken – Works from 1973-1983) turns the spotlight on the creative practice that she devised in the first decade of her career and … Read more » “Isa Genzken”

Agenda »

Constitution and Democracy

The Swiss Council of States

Switzerland Is a divided country from a linguistic, religious, cultural and economic point of view. Nevertheless, the country functions rather well. Direct democracy, federalism and the electoral system are the pillars of its (economic, social and democratic) success and stability. In 1848, this was not self-evident when the new Constitution of the new Confederation was … Read more » “The Swiss Council of States”

Latest news

The Ceneri Base Tunnel

On Friday 4 September, the tunnel (Ceneri Basis-Tunnel) was opened at Monte Ceneri in the canton of Tessin. This tunnel completes the NEAT (Die NEue AlpenTransversale) project, the largest and most expensive infrastructure in the country. On 13 December, 06.00 AM, the first train will run from Lugano to the north.  The tunnel is 15.4 … Read more » “The Ceneri Base Tunnel”


Swiss Canals and Dykes

Swiss engineers can not only build tunnels and railways but also dig canals and build dykes Le Grand-Marais is the region in the Three-Lakes Land (Drei-Seen-Land/le Pays des Trois Lacs) lakes of Neuchâtel (Neuenburg), Bienne (Biel) and Morat (Murten) and stretches across the cantons of Bern, Freiburg, Solothurn, Waadt and Neuchâtel. In the last ice … Read more » “Swiss Canals and Dykes”