The Swiss Spectator focuses on the history and culture of Switzerland, a remarkable country with a robust business environment, a relatively well-functioning (direct) democracy and respect for the rule of law. There is an overview of museums and exhibitions, cultural events, monuments, the rich cultural heritage, commemorations and the beautiful nature. The relationship between Switzerland and the European Union is also covered. The surrounding regions have always played a crucial role in Swiss history and culture: Northern Italy (Valley of Aoste, Lombardy and Vinschgau (Venosta), Eastern France (Franche-Comté, Alsace, Haute-Savoie and Savoie), Southern Germany (Lake Constance region) and Austria (Vorarlberg). Four periods and subjects are being covered: the Roman Empire and the process of romanisation, the Middle Ages (from the Kingdoms of Burgundy to the sixteenth century), the long nineteenth century (1815-1918) and multicultural, multilinguistic and cosmopolitan Switzerland.

Events & Projects

One Thousand Years Ago in Basel

The exhibition Gold and Glory. Gifts for Eternity (Gold und Ruhm. Geschenke für die Ewigkeit) of the Historical Museum (Historisches Museum) and the Art Museum (Kunstmuseum) in Basel offers not only a unique insight into the high culture around the year 1000 but also into the extensive European contacts. Trade has always been a European … Read more » “One Thousand Years Ago in Basel”


30 Years Vitra Design Museum

The Vitra Design Museum, located in Weil am Rhein, was founded by the Swiss company of that name in the autumn of 1989. Along with the Design Museum in London, which opened the same year. It was one of the first museums to be devoted exclusively to design, establishing one of the world’s leading museums … Read more » “30 Years Vitra Design Museum”


The Heritage of Cluny

In the year 1000, the abbey of Cluny managed hundreds of monasteries in Europe, some of them in Switzerland. Founded in 910 and destroyed during the French Revolution, the abbey was an important religious, artistic, economic and political power until the 13th century. The European network transcended political and linguistic boundaries and became a model … Read more » “The Heritage of Cluny”

Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Switzerland

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The development of German-, Italian-, French- and Romansh-speaking cantons will be discussed. The Roman Empire and the Middle Ages are the crucial periods. The present-day multicultural, democratic and cosmopolitan society will also be addressed.


Asterix and the Helvetians

On the occasion of the new album of Asterix, The daughter of Vercingetorix (part 38, published by Editions Casterman under the title ‘La fille de Vercingétorix’) the archaeological site and the Roman museum in Avenches show a series of original slides from previous albums. Special attention is also paid to the Album’ The Helvetians’. Asterix was created … Read more » “Asterix and the Helvetians”

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Latest news

Staff Wanted

The Swiss Guard in the Vatican is expanded from 110 to 135 men. The small army is, therefore, looking for personnel, which is difficult to find nowadays, because they have to be catholic, male, unmarried and of Swiss nationality. The Guard was founded in 1506 and is the only military organization in another country where … Read more » “Staff Wanted”


Glacier path

On the Seebodenalp above Küssnacht am Rigi (canton of Schwyz), a new theme trail has been constructed. The glacier path is based on the last Ice Age (25 000 – 10 000 B.C.). It is hard to imagine, but 24 000 years ago the Rigi was surrounded by the Reuss glacier. The glacier transported large … Read more » “Glacier path”