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360° panorama of Swiss Castles

The castles of Burgdorf, Hallwyl, Wildegg, Romont, Spiez, Zug, Waldegg, Werdenbergand the Stockalper castle in Brig can be visited virtually and explored inside and out. The individual visit in the magnificent 360° panorama offers the viewer a unique experience that is completely new in the world of cultural heritage. The GSK (Gesellschaft Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte ( … Read more » “360° panorama of Swiss Castles”

Swisscollections is the new gateway to historical and modern collections in Swiss libraries and archives. In swisscollections, you can find archive material (including unpublished papers), images, old prints and rare books, document collections, film material, manuscripts, maps, music recordings, sheet music, text recordings as well as listings in bibliographies of cantons. It is a metacatalogue … Read more » “”

The Swiss National Anthem

Switzerland did not have an official national anthem until 1961. The decision had been preceded by almost a century of searching.  There were even competitions to find a suitable candidate. Until the end of the 1950s, the tunes most commonly played at official events in Switzerland were Rufst Du mein Vaterland (“When my Fatherland calls”) and … Read more » “The Swiss National Anthem”