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Romansh and Lausanne

The Canton of Graubünden is largely German-speaking. There are various Swiss-german dialects, (Schweizerdeutsch)  including Höchstalemannische, Walserdeutsche or Zürichdeutsche dialects. Italian is the official language in three areas in the south of Graubünden: Misox (Mesocco) on the border with Ticino in the Mesolcina and Calanca valleys, in Bergell (Bregaglia) and in Puschlav (Valposchiavo).  They are Lombard … Read more » “Romansh and Lausanne”

Top-level Research in Davos

Davos (canton of Graubünden) is not only a winter sports Eldorado with high peaks, but also a city for top-level research. Climate change has a strong influence on weather extremes in the Alpine region. Global warming is twice the world average. The consequences are floods, rock avalanches, landslides and long periods of drought in the … Read more » “Top-level Research in Davos”

Erasmus in Basel

Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536) spent more than ten years in Basel in four different periods (1514-1516, 1521-1529, 1535-1536). Like many of his contemporaries, the humanist and scholar had a travelling existence. The elite of artists, scholars, students, traders, monks and spiritual and secular (aristocratic) rulers was much more European in the Middle Ages and until the … Read more » “Erasmus in Basel”