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Campione Exit

Since 1 January 2020, a kind of Brexit has occurred at Lake Lugano. As of this date, the Italian town of Campione, an enclave in the canton of Tessin, is no longer part of the Swiss toll union, but of the Italian/EU toll union. Also, Swiss license plates, postal code (6911) and postal services have … Read more » “Campione Exit”

The Basler Belle Epoque

The first film about and in Basel was shown in several halls of the city in the autumn of 1896. It is a 50-second film on the old Mittlere Rheinbrücke (the new one dates from 1903). These and other films about the Belle Epoque in Basel are brought together in a book entitled `Auf der … Read more » “The Basler Belle Epoque”

The Jura Water Management

The interventions in water management (die Juragewässerkorrektionen) in the Driemeren area (Lake Neuchâtel/Neuenburg, Morat/Murten and Bienne/Biel) and Seeland in the nineteenth century is an excellent example of engineering spirit. The lake of Neuchâtel was even lowered by meters, which freed up the stilt village houses, among others near Hauterive, on display in the museum Laténium. … Read more » “The Jura Water Management”