Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Switzerland News

No mountain too high

Swiss people may not be able to move mountains, but they can build the largest (railway) road network and the longest tunnels in the mountains. The Gotthard base tunnel is a recent example (although Germany and Italy did not fulfil their (contractual) obligations). Less well known, however, are other noteworthy projects that are starting at … Read more » “No mountain too high”

A multicultural Community

Grisons/ Graubünden is not only the canton of 150 valleys but also the canton of different cultures and languages. At the spring fair Higa from 21 to 29 March in Chur, there is a multicultural residential community (Wohngemeinschaft) of different languages and cultures. It is the first joint public presentation of four organisations: the Romansh … Read more » “A multicultural Community”

Turning Point in The Valais

Switzerland has always been a crossroads of political, economic and social developments, culture and trade from roman times onwards. An exhibition (La Suisse Magazine. Max Keller. Les reportages de 1926 à 1960) in Martigny shows for the first time the production of the (forgotten) photographer Max Keller (1902-1961). More than 250 photographs and 120 magazines … Read more » “Turning Point in The Valais”