Quadrilingual Switzerland and Identity

The Confederation of thirteen sovereign cantons (1513-1798) was a German-speaking alliance. Fribourg was the only bilingual (French and German) canton. Multilingual Switzerland was a creation of the French occupier in 1798. The hegemony of German disappeared. The Helvetic Republic (1798-1803) recognised the equality of the Italian, French and German languages. Laws and decrees were published … Read more » “Quadrilingual Switzerland and Identity”

The Report of John Bowring on Switzerland

The Report on the Commerce and Manufactures of Switzerland by John Bowring was presented to both Houses of Parliament in 1835 and published in 1836. Bowring (1792-1872) visited Switzerland and most of its cantons in 1835. He wrote this Report based on his impressizons and visits and meetings with politicians, industrialists, manufacturers, traders, citizens, farmers, … Read more » “The Report of John Bowring on Switzerland”

Wintertourism Engadin

The most significant growth of tourism in Switzerland took place in Engadine (Canton Graubünden) in particular took place between 1870 and 1914. A stay in a Grand Hotel or spa was prestigious. Scuol, Vulpera Sils Maria and, for example, St. Moritz were among the most popular destinations. Many Grand Hotels were built. One initiative deserves … Read more » “Wintertourism Engadin”