Die Schweizer Dialekte. Das Sprachpanorama Laufenburg. Foto/Photo: TES.

Language Panorama in Laufenburg

The institute/ museum Sprachpanorama) in Laufenburg (Canton of Aargau) is a ‘living’ museum.

On the one hand, it presents an exhibition on Swiss dialects, the dialect landscape in all its variations, the history of the German language from the Germanic/Aleman period to the 20th century, and multilingualism in Switzerland.

Other topics include reading and writing, the origin of the alphabet, language families and language diversity. An area of 250 square metres displays language and communication topics.

On the other hand, the Sprachpanorama is an educational institute on communication and organises workshops, guided tours and further training.

Language can be a source of identity, but it can also be a threat. Seeking connections but also breaking away from groups plays an important role in life. The Sprachpanorama traces the mechanisms of intercultural coexistence and language.

(Source and further information: www.sprachpanomara.ch).