The Roman Empire and Romanization News

Lousonna and Lausanne

Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lacus Lemannus, the small gallo-roman settlement of Lousonna boasted 1500 to 1200 inhabitants, mostly merchants, fishermen and craftsmen. Its commercial prosperity was due to the priviliged situation between the lake and overland routes connecting the Rhine and Rhone networks. From the end of the 1st century BC through … Read more » “Lousonna and Lausanne”

The Amphitheatre of Kaiseraugst

In December 2021, an amphitheatre was discovered during a building survey in Kaiseraugst, near the former Roman city of Augusta Raurica (today Augst, Canton of Basel-Landschaft). The amphitheatre is the second amphitheatre in the canton of Aargau, after the one in Vindonissa (Windisch). In Augusta Raurica, it is already the third monument of its kind, … Read more » “The Amphitheatre of Kaiseraugst”

The Celts

The name Celts was written down by Greek and Roman authors (Galatoi, Keltoi, Galli, Celtae). These tribes inhabited a large part of the European continent, Ireland and the British Isles. They have never been a political unity, however. Their economic activities consisted mainly of agriculture, handicrafts, trade and cattle breeding. The period of the pre-Roman … Read more » “The Celts”