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The Amphitheatre of Kaiseraugst

In December 2021, an amphitheatre was discovered during a building survey in Kaiseraugst, near the former Roman city of Augusta Raurica (today Augst, Canton of Basel-Landschaft). The amphitheatre is the second amphitheatre in the canton of Aargau, after the one in Vindonissa (Windisch). In Augusta Raurica, it is already the third monument of its kind, … Read more » “The Amphitheatre of Kaiseraugst”

Roman Theaters in Switzerland

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The Celts

The name Celts were written down by Greek and Roman authors (Galatoi, Keltoi, Galli, Celtae). These tribes inhabited a large part of the European continent, Ireland and the British Isles. They have never been a political unity, however. Their economic activities consisted mainly of agriculture, handicrafts, trade and cattle breeding. The period of the pre-Roman … Read more » “The Celts”