The Swiss Committee on Dams

The Swiss Committee on Dams (Das Schweizerische Talsperrenkomitee, STK) is a non-profit association under Swiss law. It invites organizations, companies and individuals involved in the design, construction, operation, maintenance, monitoring and safety assessment of dams to become members. The purpose of the Committee is to promote enhancements in project development, construction, maintenance, monitoring and operation … Read more » “The Swiss Committee on Dams”

The Swiss Society of Women Artists in the Visual Arts

The Swiss Society of Women Artists in the Visual Arts, SGBK (die Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Künstlerinnen). The Society was founded in 1902 and is divided into three sections: Basel (Basel-City/Basel-Country), Berne/Romandie and Zurich, and represents the established and alternative cultural scene. The SGBK brings women artists and their artistic work to the attention of the … Read more » “The Swiss Society of Women Artists in the Visual Arts”

Hortus Botanicus Helveticus

The Hortus Botanicus Helveticus (HBH) association was founded in 1996 and united 31 Swiss botanical gardens. It is committed to conserving national and international plant collections and botanical gardens and supports and promotes activities cooperating with regional and federal authorities. The organisation also organises BOTANICA, an initiative of the joint Swiss botanical gardens. BOTANICA Winter … Read more » “Hortus Botanicus Helveticus”