The Grande Cariçaie Association

The Association (L’Association de la Grande Cariçaie) is the organisation in charge of managing the nature reserves of the southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. It organises the maintenance of the natural habitats, the scientific monitoring of fauna and flora, and visitor guidance and information. In the field of communication and public information, the Association produces … Read more » “The Grande Cariçaie Association”

The Club Grand Hôtel & Palace

The Club Grand Hôtel & Palace has the aim to preserve the Grand and Palace Hotels, especially in Switzerland, for posterity. Most of these hotels were built during the Belle Epoque period, between 1870 and 1915, in classicist architecture. Today, they are of inestimable cultural-historical value and witnesses to the pioneering days of the hotel … Read more » “The Club Grand Hôtel & Palace”

The Huguenots and Waldenser in Switzerland

Stiftung/ Fondation Via. Auf den Spuren des Hugenotten und Waldenser/ Sur les pas des Huguenots et des Vaudois du Piémont. Available in German, French and Dutch