From 7 December 2020, the new media portal Swisscovery is operational. The portal gives access to almost all scientific media in Switzerland. Swisscovery registers a total of more than 30 million books, series, magazines and other media and more than 3 billion electronic articles. Swisscovery is managed by the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP). Swisscovery … Read more » “Swisscovery”

Foundation Holidays in Monuments

There is a great diversity of historic buildings in Switzerland. These monuments are cultural heritage and create an identity. The foundation (Stiftung Ferien im Baudenkmal) is a project that combines tourism and heritage protection. It is committed to the preservation of valuable historical buildings throughout Switzerland and gives them a new life by renting them … Read more » “Foundation Holidays in Monuments”

Friends of the Fête des Vignerons

The Association  (Les Amis de la Fête des Vignerons, MaFeVi), was founded to keep the flame of the Festival burning. The association plays a coordinating and supporting role for the projects that arise from the enthusiasm of the thousands of actors-figurantes, musicians, tailors of the magnificent costumes and all the other volunteers involved. They each … Read more » “Friends of the Fête des Vignerons”