Barryland, the living history of the St. Bernard dogs

Barryland’s most popular attraction is the area that shows the famous dogs of the Great St Bernard Pass and the history of the hospice.

The dogs and their puppies stay in an indoor room or the park. Visitors can see them from very close quarters. Information panels provide information about their constitution and anatomy, the development of the puppies, the pedigrees, the breed’s origin and its characteristics and their historical role in rescuing people from the 17th century.

One sees them playing, sleeping, fed, brushed, and ready to walk. Barryland also offers the opportunity to walk with the St. Bernard dogs. Children from 4 to 15 years of age can learn how to interact with dogs and gain their trust and friendship.

The museum presents the history of the hospice, its residents and famous passers-by. The complex will be transformed into the Barryland Theme Park (Parc thématique Barryland) in the summer of 2025.

(Source and further information: Fondation Barryland)

Pictures: Museum Fondation Barry, Martigny

City: Martigny