Fifty years women’s suffrage

The Swiss Confederation introduced universal suffrage for men in 1848 as the first democracy in Europe and one of the world’s first nations. History However, women’s right to vote at the national level would only become a reality on 26 March 1971 following the referendum of 7 February of that year. Switzerland was almost the … Read more » “Fifty years women’s suffrage”

Alpine Rescue Service.

Safety in the mountains became an important theme as more and more tourists came to the high mountains after 1850. Since the middle of the 19th century, mountaineers have climbed, descended slopes and hiked on mountain paths or glaciers. The number of accidents also rose sharply. However, organised mountain rescue did not exist In Engadin … Read more » “Alpine Rescue Service.”

Five Years Beautiful Villages

The Association of the Most Beautiful Swiss Villages  (Verein die schönsten Schweizer Dörfer) was founded five years ago. The association was born in Ticino and found its first pearl in the southernmost valley of Graubünden: Poschiavo. On the other side of Switzerland, it found another treasure in the canton of Vaud: Grandson. Eglisau (Canton of … Read more » “Five Years Beautiful Villages”