Europe’s best newspaper 240 years

On January 12, 1780, the first copy of the Zürcher Zeitung was published. Since then it has appeared without interruption. That makes it one of the oldest newspapers in Europe. And one of the best. At the time of publication, it was one of the many periodicals. The printing press, pamphlets, books and newspapers flourished in … Read more » “Europe’s best newspaper 240 years”

The Eternal Alliance

The ancient Roman town of Arae Flaviae, present-day Rottweil, has an alliance with the Eidgenossenschaft of thirteen Orte (or cantons) since 1519 and from 1463 already the status of zugewandter Ort. Besides Mülhouse, Rottweil is the only city with this status that is not part of modern Switzerland, as it took shape in and after the … Read more » “The Eternal Alliance”

Two Centuries Swiss Chocolate

Switzerland is the country of mountains, cheese, and watches, but also chocolate, although no chocolate bean grows there. This brown bean was only introduced in Europe in the sixteenth century, initially as the basis for luxury hot chocolate for the upper class, and only from the nineteenth century onwards for the ordinary citizen. Chocolate, derived … Read more » “Two Centuries Swiss Chocolate”