Pile Dwellings around the Alps

In 2021, the „Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps“ celebrates the tenth anniversary of its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The transnational site was entered into the UNESCO World Heritage registry on June 27th, 2011. Of the more than 1000 known pile dwellings in central Europe, only 111 representative sites in France, Italy, … Read more » “Pile Dwellings around the Alps”

Napoleon and Switzerland

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) died on 5 May 1821 on the English island of St Helena in the South Pacific. The Swiss Confederation of twenty-two cantons existed for six years at that time, and the country had been recognised by the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) as a sovereign and neutral republic. Few did foresee this development … Read more » “Napoleon and Switzerland”

Mount Rigi Railways 150 Years

Number double 007, no just number 7, but just as legendary. To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Mount Rigi Railways (Rigi Bahnen AG), the steam locomotive Number 7 will be restored and brought back into operation in 2021. On May 21st, 2021, exactly 150 years after its maiden voyage, the locomotive will make the journey … Read more » “Mount Rigi Railways 150 Years”