Swiss-Danish Diplomacy

Official diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Denmark have existed since 1920. At first sight, however, their history shows few common ground. Denmark is one of the oldest European monarchies, as Shakespeare already wrote. As far as is known, the Vikings never entered Swiss territory. Denmark has not been part of the Roman, Merovingian, Carolingian, Burgundian … Read more » “Swiss-Danish Diplomacy”

European Friendship

Great Britain and Switzerland have been closely linked since Roman times. Emperor Claudius built the road over the Great St. Bernhard, the equivalent of today’s Gotthard tunnel and NEAT project, in preparation for the Roman invasion of England in 43 A.D. Even then, Switzerland was an essential European crossroads.The Via per Alpes Poeninas near Martigny … Read more » “European Friendship”

The Beginning

25 July 1867 is an important but almost forgotten day in the modern history of Switzerland. It was on this day that the parliament in Bern decided, for the first time, on federal funding for projects in cantons. These federal grants covered the high costs of the cantons of Freiburg, Bern, Neuchâtel, Waadt and Solothurn … Read more » “The Beginning”