Mount Rigi Railways 150 Years

Number double 007, no just number 7, but just as legendary. To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Mount Rigi Railways (Rigi Bahnen AG), the steam locomotive Number 7 will be restored and brought back into operation in 2021. On May 21st, 2021, exactly 150 years after its maiden voyage, the locomotive will make the journey … Read more » “Mount Rigi Railways 150 Years”

Bourbaki and Verrières

On 1 February 1871, the French general Justin Clinchard and the Swiss general Hans Herzog (1819-1894) agreed in Verrières (canton of Neuchâtel) on the crossing of the border by the exhausted and defeated French army of 90 000 men and their horses and equipment. Neutral Switzerland accommodated the army on condition of disarmament and repatriation … Read more » “Bourbaki and Verrières”

Fifty years women’s suffrage

The Swiss Confederation introduced universal suffrage for men in 1848 as the first democracy in Europe and one of the world’s first nations. History However, women’s right to vote at the national level would only become a reality on 26 March 1971 following the referendum of 7 February of that year. Switzerland was almost the … Read more » “Fifty years women’s suffrage”