500 years Reformation in Zurich

Zurich is commemorating the Reformation with a range of diverse events. The Association «500 Jahre Zürcher Reformation” (500 years Zurcher Reformation) is coordinating and supporting a number of projects to commemorate the significance of the Reformation. The Association focuses on the (international) relevance , the repercussions and political and social influences that can be felt … Read more » “500 years Reformation in Zurich”

The Swiss Flag

The flag of Switzerland consists of a red flag with a white cross in the centre. The dimensions of the cross were formally established in 1889, when the flag became the national flag (adopted in the Constitution on December 12, 1889). The use of the white cross was a military ensign until that date. The … Read more » “The Swiss Flag”

Weather station of Grand-St-Bernard

The weather station of Grand-St-Bernard, which was founded in 1817 by monks, celebrated 200 years of uninterrupted meteorological observation, today by Meteo Swiss. At an altitude of 2473 m, the Hospice of Grand-St-Bernard was founded in 1080. It has long been known for its religious community and St Bernard dogs, known for the rescue of … Read more » “Weather station of Grand-St-Bernard”