The history of the French language in the Romandie

The book presents for the first time a complete overview of the linguistic history of the different regions of today’s French-speaking Switzerland, from the Celts and Romans, the Franks, Burgundians, and Huguenots to the present day. This linguistic history is accessible to a wide readership and is based on scholarly research. The book traces the … Read more » “The history of the French language in the Romandie”

Johann Peter Hebel. His Calender Histories in Comics & Illustrationen

Available in German. (Realisation: Chantal Duocommun, publisher: Schwabe AG, Johann Peter Hebel. Kalendergeschichten in Comics & Illustrationen, Basel 2010).

The Development of the Commons in Switzerland

The book focuses on the differences and similarities between local institutions (rules and regulations) and forms of commoners’ organisations (corporations of citizens and corporations) which have managed common property for several centuries and have shaped the cultural landscapes of Switzerland. At the book’s core are five case studies from Switzerland’s German, French and Italian-speaking regions. … Read more » “The Development of the Commons in Switzerland”