The long nineteenth century 1815-1918 News

Unrest and Unrueh in Switzerland

St. Imier. Foto: TES

Switzerland is not known as a country of revolutionary change. Yet it is often at the forefront of scientific, industrial, democratic, ethical or social developments. One of these aspects was the foundation of the first democratic (for men only) Federation with three officially recognised languages in 1848. In addition, the country was a refuge for … Read more » “Unrest and Unrueh in Switzerland”

1500 Swiss on a Timber Raft

De Bastei, Nijmegen. Photo/Foto: Eric Brouwer.

A Dutch chronicle from the nineteenth century (Jan Willem van Druijnen, Leven aan de Waal of Vervolg der Kronijk van Nijmegen 1819-1859) reports that more than 1500 Swiss arrived in Nimwegen (Nijmegen) on timber rafts in July and August 1819, on their way to Dordrecht. They emigrated by ship to South Brazil. It is an … Read more » “1500 Swiss on a Timber Raft”

The relationship between Switzerland and Great-Britain

nineteenth century British Tourism. Photo/Bild: TES.

The heyday of the relationship between Switzerland and Great-Britain was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Switzerland had a cult status in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Many writers, historians, travellers, politicians, diplomats and merchants praised the political system, the organisation of the state and the functioning of the Confederation (Eidgenossenschaft) and were impressed by the landscape … Read more » “The relationship between Switzerland and Great-Britain”