The long nineteenth century 1815-1918 News

The Helvetic Republic and Nidwalden

Bild:Franzoseneinfall in Nidwalden,

In January 1798, the French troops invaded the Swiss Confederation (Eidgenossenschaft) from Western Switzerland and the Jura. The territory of the Basel diocese had already been confiscated in the years 1792 and 1797. The Swiss cantons and cities capitulated. On 6 April 1798, the (French) Directorium proclaimed the Helvetic Constitution of the new unitary republic: … Read more » “The Helvetic Republic and Nidwalden”

The Freedom of the Swiss

J. Reynolds, (1723–1792), Edward Gibbon, c. 1785. Foto: Wikipedia

The history of the Freedom of the Swiss by Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) was recently published, two hundred years after the original French publication in 1815, in a German version entitled Die Freiheit der Schweizer. Gibbon is considered the father of modern historiography and is still one of the most important English historians. His best-known work … Read more » “The Freedom of the Swiss”

The Vienna Congress

Die Republik und Genf atmen auf Anfang 1814. Foto: TES.

In 1814 and 1815, the great 19th-century powers (Prussia, Russia, France, Austria and the United Kingdom) sought to restore the European balance and the old regimes. After the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 (dissolved by Napoleon) and the fall of Napoleon (1813), the Continent was not to be dominated by one power … Read more » “The Vienna Congress”