The Merian Botanical Gardens

The Merian Gardens (Merian Gärten) are a botanical garden on the outskirts of Basel. Its history dates back to 1824 when Christoph Merian (1800-1858) acquired the Brüglingerhof and 56 hectares of land and developed this land into a large agricultural company in the village of Brüglingen. The area was transferred to the Christoph Merian Foundation. … Read more » “The Merian Botanical Gardens”

The Eye of the Whale

The Swiss cartoonist, illustrator and storyteller Tom Tirabosco (1966) is not only known for his comic albums, children’s book author and contributions in magazines and newspapers, but also his concern about the ecosystem. He is in particular worried about the global fauna and flora system on land and in the seas. Many species run out … Read more » “The Eye of the Whale”

The Wolf is Back

The wolf is at the centre of the exhibition at the National Park Centre (National Parkzentrum) in Zernez. The return of the wolf in European countries is the subject of discussion in the media, public and professional groups. It is about the relationship between town and country, ecology, safety, nature and culture. No animal, apart … Read more » “The Wolf is Back”