Crown Witnesses of Switzerland

Myth, legend, historical fact or a combination, William Tell (Wilhelm Tell) and the year 1291 are closely linked to the origins of present-day Switzerland, like Rome cherishes Romulus and Remus and Greece worships the goddess Athens as the founders of the cities.  The mountains the Grosse and the Kleine Mythen, however, are hard granite facts. … Read more » “Crown Witnesses of Switzerland”

The Champ-Pittet Centre

The Champ-Pittet Centre in the Grande Cariçaie presents an interactive exhibition on the forest, the marsh and the three gardens, a natural laboratory and various art exhibitions. The Grande Cariçaie is a large nature reserve on the southeast shore of Lake Neuchâtel. The shoreline of the lake originated from the first water correction in the … Read more » “The Champ-Pittet Centre”

The View of the Alpes

Those who take the mountain road over La Vue des Alpes in the Swiss Jura will be rewarded with a magnificent panorama. The alternative is the 3 250 meters long tunnel connecting La Chaux-de-Fonds to Neuchâtel, but one will miss in winter (and other seasons) a magnificent view over the Alpes (in case of bright … Read more » “The View of the Alpes”