The natural Toblerones

The Toblerone Trail owes its name to a line of fortifications built during the mobilization of 1939-45. “Toblerones” is the name the population has given to anti-tank dams whose elements are reminiscent of the famous brand of Swiss chocolate. The so-called Promenthouse fortified line is based on a natural obstacle formed by the courses of … Read more » “The natural Toblerones”

Okjökull Letter to the Future

Millions of years ago, a large part of the European continent was underwater. In the last ice age, only 15 000 – 10 000 years ago, the same continent was under a thick layer of ice. The last ‘small’ European ice age was between 1430 and the second half of the nineteenth century. It was … Read more » “Okjökull Letter to the Future”

Creux du Van

The Creux du Van is a protected nature reserve in the Jura on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. Mountains up to 1 400 metres, forests, meadows, rivers, gorges and mighty cliffs characterise the area. It is not only an ideal place for hiking, but also offers good winter sports opportunities, especially for raquette, snowshoeing and … Read more » “Creux du Van”