The Swiss National Park

The canton of Graubünden is the location of the Swiss National Park (Schweizer Nationalpark/parc naziunal svizzer), four regional nature parks (Parc Ela, the Beverin Nature Park, Parco Val Calanca and Biosfera Val Müstair) and the Unesco World Heritage TectonicArena Sardona. The Swiss National Park, the Biosfera Val Müstair, and parts of the municipality of Scuol … Read more » “The Swiss National Park”

Koblenz in Switzerland

Koblenz (canton of Aargau) is the site of the Aare, the Reuss and the Rhine confluence. The Aare is the largest tributary of the Rhine, with more cubic metres of water per second than the Main or the Moselle at Koblenz in Germany. The Rhine and the Reuss originate in the Gotthard massif. The source … Read more » “Koblenz in Switzerland”

The Arcadian Appenzeller Landscape

The Doctor and scholar Lauzenz Zellweger (1692-1764) discovered the healing effects of hiking on the Gäbris mountain near Trogen (Appenzeller Ausserrhoden) at a time when hiking was not appropriate for gentlemen (and ladies). He founded a society in Trogen after he studied medicine in Leiden. He combined the healthy effects of hiking and medicine and “climbed … Read more » “The Arcadian Appenzeller Landscape”