The natural grandeur of Pontresina

Pontresina (canton of Graubünden) may not have the (tourist and Olympic) status of nearby St Moritz, but the village lies at the foot of the canton’s largest glacier and highest mountain (4049 m.). The beginning of the  Gletscherpfad at the famous hotel-restaurant Morteratsch  The grandeur is not limited to these natural phenomena. Pontresina also had … Read more » “The natural grandeur of Pontresina”

Koblenz in Switzerland

Koblenz (canton of Aargau) is the site of the confluence of the Aare, the Reuss and the Rhine. The Aare is the largest tributary of the Rhine, with more cubic metres of water per second than the Main or the Moselle at Koblenz in Germany. The Rhine and the Reuss originate in the Gotthard massif. … Read more » “Koblenz in Switzerland”

Montreux Riviera and Tourism

More than two centuries before the ‘famous’ fire in the Casino of Montreux on 4 December 1971, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) wrote his Nouvelle Héloïse in 1761. Lord Byron (1788-1824) wrote his Prisonnier de Chillon in 1816. Both works were of significant influence on the reputation of the village of Montreux (canton of Vaud) among the … Read more » “Montreux Riviera and Tourism”