The St. Alban Canal in Basel

Bishop Burkhard von Fenis (1040-1107) founded the city’s first monastery in the St. Alban Valley (St. Albantal) in 1083. The monks built mills next to the monastery. The water from a branch of the Birs was redirected at the mills. The St. Albanteich (Dalbedyych in the local Basler dialect) was created. For centuries it remained … Read more » “The St. Alban Canal in Basel”

Lavaux and the (Alpine) Landscape

The hill sides of Lavaux (canton Vaud) are steeped in history. The Rhône glacier made morainal deposits on the molasses and pudding stone millions of years ago, making room some ten thousand years ago for what is now Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) and fertile soil on the hills. Five thousand years ago, man setlled in … Read more » “Lavaux and the (Alpine) Landscape”

Boviducs of the Val de Ruz

The organisation Les Chemins chouettes is dedicated to hiking trails in the natural and cultural heritage of the Val-de-Ruz (canton of Neuchâtel). There are seven walks: around the Seyon river, towards Chasseral, the Boviducs, the Lisière, the Rincieure, the Crêtes and the south-west of the valley. The word Boviduc appeared towards the end of the … Read more » “Boviducs of the Val de Ruz”