Hotel & Berghaus Val Sinestra

It is impossible to imagine the Engadine without spas. However, the spa hotel (Kurhaus) in Val Sinestra is a story of its own. Val Sinestra is located in a valley in the Unterengadin, east of the municipality of Sent (Canton of Graubünden). The mineral springs that arise in Val Sinestra were the reason for constructing … Read more » “Hotel & Berghaus Val Sinestra”

Maloja and Nature

The geological rocks at Maloja are 300 million years old. The forces of water and ice, plants, animals and human shaped the unique landscape of the Maloja Pass. This pass also provides suitable conditions for bird migration across the Alps. The glaciers and the climate have created the circumstances for forming the heaths and marshlands … Read more » “Maloja and Nature”

Piz Lunghin and the Triple Watershed

Not far away (1.8km) from the Torre Belvedere Nature Centre (Maloja, Canton Grisons),is the only triple watershed in Europe. The Piz Lunghin lies at 2 780 m. The Lunghin Pass is a special place: each drop of rain can run off in three directions: Northwards with the Julia and the Rhine into the North Sea, … Read more » “Piz Lunghin and the Triple Watershed”