The Rhine and Basel

The source of the Rhine is in the Gotthard massif in the Swiss Alps (Lake Toma (Lai da Tuma or Lag da Toma in the Romansh language at an altitude of 2 344 meters). From there, the river begins its 1250 kilometre journey to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The river is navigable from Basel to … Read more » “The Rhine and Basel”

The Appenzeller

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(Nederlands) De koninklijke Rigi

The Royal Rigi (Canton Lucerne) is a holiday and excursion paradise nowadays. It is known, among other things, for the world’s first cogwheel railway (21 May 1871) and today’s mountain railways and aerial cable cars. The Rigi (1 800 metres) owes its title to Albrecht von Bonstetten (1443-1504). He described the mountain in 1479 as … Read more » “(Nederlands) De koninklijke Rigi”