The Kannenfeldpark in Basel

Amadeus Merian (1808-1889) redesigned the then-largest cemetery in Basel between 1867 and 1868 in the style of an English park. The Kannenfeld has been a cemetery from 1855 onwards. With the opening of the central cemetery Hörnli on the right bank of the Rhine in 1932, the cemetery on the Kannenfeld lost its function and … Read more » “The Kannenfeldpark in Basel”

Schynige Platte Alpine Garden

The botanical garden Alpengarten Schynige Platte (Canton of Bern near Interlaken)  (1967 above sea level) displays the abundance of colour and fragrance of Swiss flora and fauna above the treeline. One can discover edelweiss, gentian and around 700 other alpine plants in their natural environment, approximately two-thirds of all Swiss Alpine flora. The Schynige Platte … Read more » “Schynige Platte Alpine Garden”

One Hundred Swiss Via ferrata

This via ferrata guide (mountaineering) from the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) presents all 100 via ferrata in Switzerland and some of the bordering countries in detail with informative texts and numerous colour pictures, supplemented by maps, topographies and diagrams. The book is written in the German language. Listed are also those via ferrata that can … Read more » “One Hundred Swiss Via ferrata”