Three Lakes Region

The lake of Neuchâtel was in the nineteenth century very popular with (English) tourists because of the beautiful view of the Alps and, from the construction of the railway, the excellent accessibility. The Grand Hotels are a reminder of this ‘belle époque’ of the canton and the city in particular. The industry (including watchmaking, asphalt, … Read more » “Three Lakes Region”

The ViaUrschweiz

In 2018, the cultural hiking trail (Kulturwanderweg) ViaUrschweiz was opened. ViaUrschweiz is a hiking trail between the cantons of Uri and Nidwalden in the heart of Switzerland. It connects Lake Uri with the so-called Waldstätterweg on Lake Lucerne and leads through nature reserves and places of historical significance. The route is part of the regional … Read more » “The ViaUrschweiz”

Nature Park Schaffhausen

A total of 15 municipalities in the region of Schaffhausen (13 municipalities in the canton) and Germany (the two municipalities of Jestetten and Lottstetten) have joined forces in the Regional Nature Park of Schaffhausen (Der Regionale Naturpark Schaffhausen). The hills, the extensive vineyards and agricultural areas, the forests, the typical villages and the Rhine give … Read more » “Nature Park Schaffhausen”