Glacier path

On the Seebodenalp above Küssnacht am Rigi (canton of Schwyz), a new theme trail has been constructed. The glacier path is based on the last Ice Age (25 000 – 10 000 B.C.). It is hard to imagine, but 24 000 years ago the Rigi was surrounded by the Reuss glacier. The glacier transported large … Read more » “Glacier path”

The Beverin Nature Park

The Beverin Nature Park (Naturpark Beverin) in the canton of Grisons is a regional nature park of national importance. The park (412 m2, 11 municipalities, a. 3 000 inhabitants) consists of four valleys, deep gorges (Viamalaschlucht, Rofflaschlucht and Rheinschlucht), two cultural-historical and linguistically different areas (Walser and Romansh/Sutsilvan) and traffic routes of historical importance. The … Read more » “The Beverin Nature Park”

The Fairytale of the Vallorbe Caves

About 150 million years ago, a shallow sea covered the entire Jura region on the site of the current Vallorbe caves in the canton of Vaud. The complex geological history of the formation of the caves would take another 120 million years. About 7 million years ago, the sea withdrew from the region for good, … Read more » “The Fairytale of the Vallorbe Caves”