The Wolf is Back

The wolf is at the centre of the exhibition at the National Park Centre (National Parkzentrum) in Zernez. The return of the wolf in European countries is the subject of discussion in the media, public and professional groups. It is about the relationship between town and country, ecology, safety, nature and culture. No animal, apart … Read more » “The Wolf is Back”

Jau sun Biosfera

The inhabitants of the Münstertal valley in Graubünden (Grisons) have declared themselves in favour of the Charta 2021-30 by a large majority. This document sets out the aims of the Biosfera Val Müstair Nature Park for the next ten years. The next step is on the cantonal and federal level. It shows the way how … Read more » “Jau sun Biosfera”

Three Lakes Region

The lake of Neuchâtel was in the nineteenth century very popular with (English) tourists because of the beautiful view of the Alps and, from the construction of the railway, the excellent accessibility. The Grand Hotels are a reminder of this ‘belle époque’ of the canton and the city in particular. The industry (including watchmaking, asphalt, … Read more » “Three Lakes Region”