Grand Tour of Switzerland

It is not only (constitutional) history, (direct) democracy and the functioning of (autonomous) cantons that make Switzerland a special country. The diversity of (cultural) landscapes in a relatively small area is also impressive. The so-called “Grand Tour” of Switzerland is a tour of interesting locations. It is not the journey of sons (and sometimes a … Read more » “Grand Tour of Switzerland”

Third Art Safiental

The temporary artworks in situ of the third Art Safiental are distributed throughout the Safien Valley (canton Graubünden) from Valendas and Versam at the entrance of the valley, to Tenna and Safien in the middle of the valley and Thalkirch and Turrahus at the end of the valley. The thematic focus of this edition is Analog-Digital. … Read more » “Third Art Safiental”

Days of Art in Basel

The Days of Art (Kunsttage) in Basel is an initiative of museums, art institutions, exhibition spaces and galleries in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft. The aim is to support cultural life in the region, encourage the public to experience art and culture in both urban and rural areas and focus on the contribution of … Read more » “Days of Art in Basel”