The Habsburg Path

Even one of the most powerful and longest-reigning dynasties of Europe has its beginning. The origins of the Habsburgs go back to Alsace in present-day France and the Aargau in Switzerland. Written sources in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries confirm possessions (lands, castles) and the foundation of monasteries in these regions in the eleventh en … Read more » “The Habsburg Path”

30 Years Vitra Design Museum

The Vitra Design Museum, located in Weil am Rhein, was founded by the Swiss company of that name in the autumn of 1989. Along with the Design Museum in London, which opened the same year. It was one of the first museums to be devoted exclusively to design, establishing one of the world’s leading museums … Read more » “30 Years Vitra Design Museum”

A Great Benefactress

The Kunstmuseum of Basel presents around half of the paintings of the collection of the Professor Jakob Bachofen-Burckhardt Foundation, established in 1904 by Louise Bachofen-Burckhardt (1845-1920) after the death of her husband Johann Jakob Bachhofen (1815-1887). Louise donated the pictures to this Foundation in 1904 to prevent disputes among her (grand) children and in particular … Read more » “A Great Benefactress”