The Bears of Bern

The relationship between the city of Bern and its bears has a long tradition dating back to the foundation of the town in the year 1191. The Duke Berchtold V of Zähringen (1160-1218), the founder of the town, is said to have shot a bear in this area and therefore gave the city its name. … Read more » “The Bears of Bern”

The City of Murten

The existence of Murten goes back to Celtic times, although archaeological or written evidence is lacking. The name is deducted from the Celtic language Mori-dûnum, however, and means fort by the lake. Very little is known until the year 1 000 when The settlement was part of the Burgundian Kingdom. The Dukes of Zähringen came … Read more » “The City of Murten”

The mountain village of Göschenen

The mountain village of Göschenen on the Gotthard Route has made history with the construction of the world’s longest railway tunnel at the time. From the 13th century onwards, the mule track on the St. Gotthard developed into one of the most important European Alpine roads through the railway and later the motorway. History began … Read more » “The mountain village of Göschenen”