Die Alpine Strasse der Romanik. Foto: www.stiegenzumhimmel.it

Alpine route of Romanesque culture

The Alpine route of Romanesque culture is a route that features buildings and paintings from the Romanesque period. The route stretches between Swiss Engadine and Italian South Tyrol and Trentino.

It features dozens of Romanesque cultural sights. The Vinschgau with the Val Müstair is home to some of the oldest Carolingian/Romanesque churches and frescoes in Europe.

The route travels through Müstair, Burgeis, Laas, Naturns, Hocheppan, Lana, Dorf, Tisens, Burgeis/Mals, Veit and Kortsch. (Source: www.stiegenzumhimmel.it/de/romanik-in-suedtirol/willkommen.html).