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Swabians become Suisse

Thurgau was first mentioned as a county in the duchy of Swabia in the 9th century. After the extinction of the counts of Kyburg in 1264, the Habsburgs inherited the rights. Medieval Thurgau was not yet a clearly defined historical region and included large parts of the present cantons of St. Gallen, Zurich and the German … Read more » “Swabians become Suisse”

Switzerland in the Making

The new permanent exhibition at the Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz shows ‘Switzerland in the Making’. The exhibition focuses on the foundation and early development of the Swiss Confederacy in the Middle Ages. The history of the Swiss Confederation goes back more than seven hundred years. The beginning of Switzerland is still debated: when, … Read more » “Switzerland in the Making”

Romainmôtier revisited

The documentary  ‘Romainmôtier Revisité’ is a journey back in time, to the foundation of one of the oldest monasteries and churches on Swiss soil. Romainmôtier was a small Gallo-Roman village where two monks founded a new monastery in the fifth or sixth century. The first building is from the sixth or early seven century. The … Read more » “Romainmôtier revisited”