Museum of printed textiles

The collection of the museum (Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes) grew since 1833 to become what is today the premier collection of printed textiles in the world. In 1880, in order to house the ever growing collections the museum Rue des Bonnes Gens was built. Today, 6 million samples including 50,000 textile samples, and pieces … Read more » “Museum of printed textiles”

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

Since its construction in the 12th century by the Hohenstaufen dynasty and owners such as the Hohenstaufen, the Habsburger and the Hohenzollern in 1899. The castle has been a constant witness to both European conflicts and rivalry between lords, kings and emperors. The castle is a museum nowadays and open to the public.    

Wallpaper Museum Rixheim

The permanent exhibition of the museum (Musée du Papier Peint) consists of a room with an explanation of the manufacturing processes and eight panoramics, or scenic wallpapers, manufactured by Zuber of Rixheim. The themes displayed are historical scenes.    

Archaeological Museum Strasbourg

Its collection is regularly enriched thanks to archeological excavations conducted in Strasbourg and Alsace under the aegis of the Regional Service of Archeology. Temporary exhibits presented each year keep visitors up-to-date on archaeological events in the region, making the Archaeological Museum a living showcase for French archaeological research in the heart of Rhenish society, a.o. … Read more » “Archaeological Museum Strasbourg”