The Oeuvre Notre-Dame

The museum highlights centuries of Medieval and Renaissance art. The exhibition shows metalwork furniture, tapestry, wooden statuary, iconography, paintings, goldsmith’s art, archeology and Roman sculpture and furnishings. The 13th century statuary from Strasbourg’s Cathedral constitutes one of the museum’s most prestigious series. Masterpieces of Gothic sculpture shown in the museum’s largest hall, are distributed across … Read more » “The Oeuvre Notre-Dame”

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The museum floor houses works from modernist pioneers Monet and Gauguin, New Realists, Raymond Hains, Arman, Daniel Spoeri, Signac, Valloton, Dufy, Kupka, Kandinsky, Larionov, Gontcharova, Delaunay, Picasso, Picabia, Herbin, Ernst, Magritte, Brauner, Baselitz and Spoerri, as well as examples of decorative art from Alsace around 1900. The display of work from 1970 to the present … Read more » “Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art”

Museum of Fine Arts

The exhibition on the first floor of the Rohan Palace presents an overview of the history of European painting from its debut to 1870, the Italian and Flemish Primitives, Renaissance and Mannerism, Baroque, Naturalism and Classicism and finally modernism in the 19th century.  

Museum of Decorative Arts

The museum is housed on the ground floor of the Rohan Palace. Famous paintings by masters of the French School match the sumptuous furniture. The collection of decorative arts spans two centuries, from 1681 to 1871, and includes the world-famous collection of Hannong earthenware dishes and porcelain, besides collections of furniture, clocks, ironworks, silverware, and … Read more » “Museum of Decorative Arts”