Museum Bigorio

The Museum is located within the monastery of Bigorio and exhibits works made by monks over many years. The display gives to the public a unique insight into the lifestyles of monks. The conservation of many of the objects in the museum is connected to the antiquity of the place that produced them and benefited … Read more » “Museum Bigorio”

Wilhelm Schmid Museum

The museum is dedicated to the painter Wilhelm Schmid  (1892-1971), a representative of the artistic-cultural movement called “Neo-objectivity” (Neue Sachlichkeit), which had arisen in Germany in the 1920’s.

Stockalper Castle

Kaspar Stockalper (1609–1691) built the castle in the years 1651 to 1671. The museum  shows the history of Kaspar Stockalper, the Simplonpas and its (commercial) relevance and many art objects from the region.

Museum du Vieux Pays

This museum (Musée du Vieux Pays-d’Enhaut) provides the heritage of a mountain region which for many years was rather isolated. Its people created a craft industry of an exceptional quality and their beautiful chalets housed treasures of a living art. Amongst these treasures are glass and posters, a forge, an alpine cheese-making room, Folk-art by … Read more » “Museum du Vieux Pays”