Museum Glurns

The museum in the Schludnernser Torturm shows the (medieval) history of Glorenza.  

Marienberg Monastery

The museum gives insight into daily life in the Benedictine monastery, tells its history and shows the Romanesque images of angels in the crypt and other art.      

Proculus Museum

The Proculus Museum is allocated subterraneously and presents 1500 years of history of the area around Naturno. Four time-space showrooms show late antiquity, Middle Ages and early modern times. In the museum one can also admire the Gothic frescoes from the walls of the St Proculus church. The St. Proculus church dates back to the … Read more » “Proculus Museum”

Prokulus Museum

The museum next to the Prokulus church and the frescoes from the 8th century offers a journey through time from late antiquity and the Middle Ages with Romanesque and Gothic art.