Spa Museum

The Spa Museum (Bädermuseum) shows the history of centuries of spas. Pictures, drawings, spa glasses, postcards, hotel brochures, guest registers and bathing rules give an impression oft he social, cultural and medical aspects of bathing.

Feder Lake Museum

The museum (Federseemuseum) is an archaeological site and presents prehistorical and Celtic life. Numerous findings of commodities and works of art show the daily life of early settlers. Unique are the findings of the eldest preserved cartwheel in Middle Europe, the Celtic Bird heads and the four lake dwellings.

Monastery Museum Schussenried

The museum sheds light on the history of the monastery, the role of science, the religious way of life and the political, economic and cultural activities of the monastery.  

Max Ernst Museum

The museum tells the story of the German artist Max Ernst (1891-1976), Dada and surrealism, exile in the USA and return to Europe (Paris). The collection Peter Schamoni and Schneppenheim are exhibited and the almost complete works of graphical art and the 36 “D-paintings”.