Wonnenstein and St. Gall

Wonnenstein Monastery has a particular cultural and historical significance for the two Appenzeller cantons, St.Gall Abbey and the former diocese of Constance. Located near the village of Niederteufen (Appenzell Ausserrhoden), the monastery has linked the two Appenzell cantons since 1597. The monastery buildings belong to Appenzell Innerrhoden, the farmland to Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Wonnenstein was initially … Read more » “Wonnenstein and St. Gall”

Chillon and the Prisoner

Lord Byron (1788-1824) wrote 1816 in his poem “The Prisoner of Chillon” : Lake Leman lies by Chillon´s walls: A thousand feet in depth below Its massy waters meet and flow; Thus much the fathom-line was sent From Chillon´s snow-white battlement, Which round about the wave enthrals: A double dungeon wall and wave Below the … Read more » “Chillon and the Prisoner”

Bourbaki Panorama in Lucerne

Towards the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, new media tried to represent the world as realistically as possible. With all possible optical and modern technical tricks, the audience got the illusion of being there themselves. The Irish painter Robert Barker had an invention patented in London in 1787. It … Read more » “Bourbaki Panorama in Lucerne”