Period IV

De overstromingsgebieden in het driemerengebied voor de watercorrecties. Foto: Wikipedia.

The Jura Water Management

The interventions in water management (die Juragewässerkorrektionen) in the Driemeren area (Lake Neuchâtel/Neuenburg, Morat/Murten and Bienne/Biel) and Seeland in the nineteenth century is an excellent example of engineering spirit. The lake of Neuchâtel was even lowered by meters, which freed up the stilt village houses, among others near Hauterive, on display in the museum Laténium. The flooding of the river Aare was also a permanent source of concern. The project was carried out between 1868 and 1891. It included canals between the lakes, the diversion of the river Aare from Aarberg to the Bielersee and the lowering of the water level in the three lakes. However, the significant floods persisted and the second Juragewässerkorrektion was carried out between 1962 and 1973, including the construction of the Flumenthal water plant and the expansion and widening of the Hagneck, Broye, Zihl and Nidau-Büren Canal.