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The Prussian sovereign of Neuchâtel

La Chaud-de-Fonds, Monument 1848. Bild/Photo: TES.

Neuchâtel was a remarkable new canton of the Swiss Eidgenossenschaft in 1815: after all, the Prussian king Wilhelm III was still ruler of this canton. This history goes back to 1707 when Marie de Nemour of the French Orléans-Longueville family died without a legitimate heir. Since 1504, this family was the ruler of the formerly … Read more » “The Prussian sovereign of Neuchâtel”

The Jura Water Management

De overstromingsgebieden in het driemerengebied voor de watercorrecties. Foto: Wikipedia.

The interventions in water management (die Juragewässerkorrektionen) in the Driemeren area (Lake Neuchâtel/Neuenburg, Morat/Murten and Bienne/Biel) and Seeland in the nineteenth century is an excellent example of engineering spirit. The lake of Neuchâtel was even lowered by meters, which freed up the stilt village houses, among others near Hauterive, on display in the museum Laténium. … Read more » “The Jura Water Management”

No mountain too high

Mulegns, Die Weisse Villa/Posthotel Löwen. Bild/Photo: TES.

Swiss people may not be able to move mountains, but they can build the largest (railway) road network and the longest tunnels in the mountains. The Gotthard base tunnel is a recent example (although Germany and Italy did not fulfil their (contractual) obligations). Less well known, however, are other noteworthy projects that are starting at … Read more » “No mountain too high”