Olivier Truchet et Gemain Hoyau, La ville, cité et Université de Paris, 1552. Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, UBH Kartenslg AA 124/swisscollections.ch).


Swisscollections is the new gateway to historical and modern collections in Swiss libraries and archives. In swisscollections, you can find archive material (including unpublished papers), images, old prints and rare books, document collections, film material, manuscripts, maps, music recordings, sheet music, text recordings as well as listings in bibliographies of cantons. It is a metacatalogue that draws on various data pools.

Swisscollections is a complement to Swisscovery, the Swiss national library platform (https://swisscovery.slsp.ch, see also Swiss Spectator 10 december 2020).

(Source and further information: https://swisscollections.ch).