Tandem in the Museum

TiM, Bieler Fototage. Foto/Photo: Marianne Kesselring. www.tim-tam.ch

Around 70 museums throughout Switzerland have been facilitating unconventional encounters by “TiM – Tandem in the Museum” since 2020. TiM facilitates encounters and opens the museums to new target groups in Graubünden. More than 100 so-called TiM guides are active throughout the country and accompany other people to museums. In pairs, they tell a story about … Read more » “Tandem in the Museum”

Bathing in Baden

Baden, Limmatpromenade. Foto: TES.

On the other side of the recently opened Fortyseven bathing complex in Baden ( canton Aargau), another opening occurred in November, a revival of a two-thousand-year-old bathing culture. The hot springs in Baden produce thousands of litres a day. In Roman times (15 B.C.-c.400 A.D.), the many bathing houses (thermae) were freely accessible to the … Read more » “Bathing in Baden”

Fortyseven in Baden

Baden, Thermalbad Fortyseven. Foto/Photo: TES.

Mario Botta (1943), an architect from Tessin, worked on this project for 15 years. The bathing complex Seventyfour along the banks of the Limmat River is 160 metres long and has eleven saunas and eight water pools. Fourteen springs bubbling from the earth provide the water. The complex is not a water theme park. The … Read more » “Fortyseven in Baden”