Boris, Basel and Anna

Portrait Anna Bischoff. Foto/Photo: Naturhistorisches Museum Basel

Three years ago, in 2018, an international research group led by the Natural History Museum Basel (Naturhistorisches Museum Basel) managed to identify a mummy as Anna Catharina Bischoff (1719-1787). A team of scientists from various medical disciplines, art scholars, genealogists, historians, and archivists studied Switzerland’s best-preserved mummy in a project that lasted for years. It … Read more » “Boris, Basel and Anna”

The First and Only Swiss Colony

Aymons de Gingins, Interprétation actuelle du portrait anonyme réalisé vers 1853-1858. Collection Château de la Sarraz. Photo/Foto: TES.

Aymons de Ginges (1823-1893), the heir to the Barony of La Sarraz (Canton of Vaud), began his military career at the age of 16 in the service of the King of Naples, in the regiment of his father, Colonel Henri de Gingins, Baron de la Sarraz (1792-1874). He returned to the land of Vaud and … Read more » “The First and Only Swiss Colony”

A Courageous, Unique and Topical Exhibition in Basel

David Hartley, standing before 'The be Continued', Tinguely Museum, The Cost of Life, 12 October 2021. Photo/Foto: TES.

The British artist and ceramicist Paddy Hartley was commissioned by the pharmaceutical company Roche in Basel to create a double exhibition at the Tinguely Museum and the Pharmacy Museum in Basel on Roche’s 125-year jubilee. To a certain extent, the exhibition is the continuation of the symposium and the discussion that marked the 75th anniversary … Read more » “A Courageous, Unique and Topical Exhibition in Basel”