Period IV

Basel, Les Trois Rois. Photo-Foto: TES.

Swiss Historic Hotels

The growth of tourism in the second half of the nineteenth century led to the construction of many luxurious hotels in Switzerland in Graubünden, Berner Oberland, Valais, around the lakes in the cantons of Vaud, Bern, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Zurich and Schwyz and in cities and villages. Winter and summer sports and bathing and health resorts were the main focus of the well-to-do tourists, many of whom came from the United Kingdom, but also from Germany, Russia, the Habsburg Empire, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States.

Many of these old hotels can still be admired in their old glory, of course with adjustments for the present time. One of the oldest Grand Hotels is Les Trois Rois in Basel, located on the Rhine it used to be called Drei Könige, Three Kings. Other hotels have been merged into large hotel chains, but all still exude the ambience of the fin de siècle, the approaching end of the beau monde and the collapse of aristocratic Europe of Tsars, emperors, kings and their entourage. The mountain landscapes, cities, lakes and rivers have not changed, however, and are still a magnificent experience.

After more than 150 years of tourism, these hotels have lost none of their charm and appeal. (Source: U. Bauer, J. Frischknecht, Unterwegs zu historischen Hotels der Schweiz, Winterthur, 2013).