St. Martin, Kanton St. Gallen. Foto/Photo:

The Walser and the Calfeisen Valley

More than 700 years ago, the Walser from Upper Valais migrated from Goms to the Calfeisental. The origin of the Walser and the reasons for their emigration are still unclear, perhaps overpopulation. In any case, the architecture and culture still bear witness to this heritage.

The Calfeisental is also called the least-known valley of Switzerland. If it is known at all, it is mainly because of the avalanches of 350 years ago. Today, it is falling rocks and landslides that attract attention.

The valley has a lot to offer. Not only the village of St. Martin, the church dedicated to St. Martin is called Chirchli, but also the reservoir and the many pearls of Walser architecture and culture.