The Dangerous Lake

For centuries Lake Constance flooded the banks, villages, fields and roads. In its storms, it devoured fishermen, cargo ships and steamships. The untamed Rhine, which crosses Lake Constance, caused flooding and destruction in the Rhine valley. In the depths of the lake, there are countless ships, aeroplanes and nameless victims. In the 19th century, however, the forces of nature were largely brought under control, and the Rhine was canalised. The exhibition shows the history of the lake and the Rhine and related works of art, stories, documents, disasters, flood protection and the many finds and the undiscovered wrecks in the lake.


Howard Smith

Howard Smith (1943) specializes in researching the means of painting and the process of painting, mainly the interaction between colour and background and the relationship between this art and the viewer. This exhibition (No end in sight) of this representative of essentialist painting shows, through more than 70 paintings, watercolours and drawings, the importance of this artist, who for more than 50 years has been systematically and poetically investigating the possibilities and effects of colour.


A Small Great Animal

Poster and Photo: Maison de la Nature Neuchâteloise, Brot-Dessous.

The exhibition shows the importance of the quality of the water in the gorges of the Areuse. They have been supplying water to two-thirds of the population of the canton of Neuchâtel for more than a century. The exhibition highlights the tiny shellfish Gelyella monardi, less than 1/3 of a millimetre in size. This unique animal has been inhabiting the vast (under) water reservoirs for 20 million years. It is a bio-indicator of water quality and is internationally recognised as a unique animal.