Pablo Picasso and his Posters

The first privately owned collection of posters presented by the gallery owner Werner Röthlisberger is an expression of his passion for this art, particularly from Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).

The exhibition shows a selection of 55 original posters by Picasso from his collection of 250 . It is one of the world´s most complete collections of posters from Picasso.

Picasso worked intensively with all graphic techniques and experimented with different printing processes such as woodcut, linocut, copper engraving and lithography.

Like many artists of his time, he was intensely involved in printmaking, especially after the end of the Second World War.

Nature and Innovation

Museum für Gestaltung, Toni Areal, Zurich, Exhibition, 'Plant Fever'.

We urgently need to rethink our relationship with nature. Plants play a central role here, inspiring designers, scientists, and engineers to devise innovative solutions to current environmental and social issues.

The exhibition Plants Fever  presents around 50 international projects from the fields of product design, fashion and new technologies and explores the hidden potential of plants.


Animals and Pharmacy

Pharmaziemuseum Basel, Poster of the exhibition 'from animals to active pharmaceutical ingredients'.

The exhibition «animalistic! Snake, cod liver oil and cortisone – from animals to active pharmaceutical ingredients.» investigates the use of animals as drugs, active ingredients of pharmaceuticals and symbol in the history of pharmacy up to the present day.

The exhibition (tierisch ! Vom Tier zum Wirkstoff) is the fourth of four events in different museums, see also