The Armoury of Lucerne

Historical Museum of Lucerne, 2018; Photo: Priska Ketterer; © Historisches Museum Lucerne

The armoury (Zeughaus) in Lucerne dates from 1569. The 450-year-old building has been through many fateful incidents ever since. The exhibition follows this history from its beginnings as a military complex to the most recent times as a museum. The show presents the eventful past of the history of Canton (Ort) Lucerne and the emergence of Switzerland as a confederation of (independent) cantons and local events. Objects, witness accounts and documents tell of important turning points and episodes, the visit of Napoleon and his Helvetic government, a tsunami in the river Reuss and the history of Lucerne.

Musical Treasures from Basel

Photo: Museum of Music, Basel

For citizens of Basel, the Renaissance was also a period of music. Music was (and is) an essential part of cultural life. They sang Parisian chansons, played Polish lute songs or collected musical instruments. The exhibition shows musical objects and manuscripts from the musical experience in this city of humanists, publishers and scholars. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, the Department of Musicology of the University of Basel and the University Library of Basel.

Andreas Christen

Andreas Christen (1936-2006). Photo: Rappaz museum Basel

Andreas Christen (1936-2006) was a designer and artist. As a designer, he created objects for daily use, which were produced in large series and over many years. In his artistic work, the distinction between the work and the object is a prerequisite. The objects unfold in the space, which they accentuate and measure. Human objects represent the cultural achievements in which we live and at the same time claim the living space. His figurative art comes into its own in the small but unique Rappaz museum.