Rudolf Stingel

Untitled, 2013. © Rudolf Stingel, Photo: Christopher Burke Studio

The exhibition presents paintings and other works by Rudolf Stingel (1956) and his approach in a conceptual and self-reflexive manner, exploring its possibilities and media-specific limits through the interplay of artistic strategies, materials and shapes. The show will also present new site-specific works using carpets and insulation panels.

A Poem That Is Not Our Own

Exposition Kunstmuseum Basel. Photo: Gina Folly.

William Kentridge (1955) has won wide international acclaim as a leading contemporary artist working today. The South African visual artist, filmmaker, and stage director has built a sizable oeuvre that spans a broad range of media including animated film, prints and drawings, theatre productions, and sculpture. The exhibition showcases early graphic art and films from the 1980s and 1990s as well as examples of his more recent output, for the first time presented in Europe. The social and political conflicts in South-Africa and Europe are so being dealt with by the artist in this show.

Restaurants in Daily Life

Photo: Museum Le Landeron

At the beginning of the 20th century, Le Landeron had 17 restaurants/pubs for 1,400 inhabitants, or one establishment for 83 people! The vast majority lived less than 100 meters from a restaurant. Restaurants played an important role in daily life and the exhibition brings this atmosphere in Le Landeron back to life, a mirror of the society of yesteryear, as it applies to many other places.