Ideal Living

Photo: Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich

In the 20th century, Swiss designers and producers had clear ideas about perfect furnishing. At the outset, the abstract form was a theme. In the 1930s, flexible tubular steel furniture was developed, and in the mid 20th century the unity of elegant form and practical function was propagated. Around 1968, everyday culture and pop art began conquering the living room. A decade later, the post-modern variety of styles was celebrated until the end of the century, when the minimalist tradition was rediscovered. Seven sample rooms, furnished with highlights from the collection, present the most important trends in Swiss furniture design of the modern age and trace changing lifestyles. Advertising brochures and historical photographs complete this exciting journey through time.

La et le Raclette

Photo: Mathilda Olmi. Musée de Bagnes, Le Châble

The raclette, la raclette, is a dish with a piece of cheese, the melted surface of which is scraped and served. The exhibition presents its masculine side: le raclette, the Valaisian cheese Hérens. The exhibition presents the promotion, image and production of raclette and this Valaisian cheese and goes into the history of this meal.

Giovanni Bianconi

Giovanni Bianconi, self-portrait. Casorella Museum, Locarno

The exhibition presents a selection of silographs by Giovanni Bianconi (1891-1981). The Bianconi collection consists of 498 printed silographs and 41 drawings and paintings. The selection of the works on display shows in particular the Ticino countryside from the 1920s to the 1950s. The landscape, animals, objects, self-portraits and portraits tell the story of everyday life and the transformation to a new era.