Debris Field by Lois Weinberger

Debris Fields. Photo: Tinguely Museum, Basel.

Debris Field (2010–2016) stands for the variety of approaches and modes of expression employed by Lois Weinberger (1947). His artistic-archaeological work explores and presents relics from several centuries of history found at Weinberger’s parents’ farm. The farm managed by the family until today is linked to Stams Abbey and reflects a history of mutual influence. It preserves and tells stories of piety, superstition and the sparse life full of privation between the high culture of the abbey and forms of behaviour linked to the late medieval period. Due to the lack of contact with the ground and dampness, this ‘archaeology of the housed’ reveals a wealth of objects much like a chamber of curiosities, an amazing universe of peasant life that enables a more profound take on everyday life.

The Rötteln Castle.

Rötteln Castle. Photo:

The exhibition presents the largest medieval castle ruin on the Upper Rhine, the Rötteln Castle.  It sheds light on the eventful history of the castle and shows how its dominion – the Markgräflerland – developed between Basel and France. Around 300 exhibits and digital reconstructions bring various centuries since the High Middle Ages to life.


Painters from Ticino

The exhibition shows oil paintings by Luigi Chialiva (1842-1914), Luigi Rossi (1853-1923), Filipo Franzoni (1857-1911) created between 1865 and 1920 as well as works in oil, watercolour and tempera by Sergio Maina (1913-2009) from the years 1933 to 1974.